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“My Life in a Nutshell”

“We Always Pay”

Ultimately, the American people pay for the unrest in Egypt by the rising gas and heating oil prices. It seems we are always evolved in everything whether we want to be or not. I don’t hear of any of our leaders in Washington saying anything about this. To me it seems the bad guys are doing these things to get at America? Its really bad out there. I notice there were protesters around the White House this weekend.  Sorry, its late and I’ve got go and hang around with some sane people.



“Picture Day”

Picture day, I know, I know, it’s the day that you all breathlessly wait for..Its been so cold and horrible out there that I just can’t break away from my movie schedule. However, it was such a beautiful day yesterday that I did manage,at long last to go out to my favorite beach for a 3 mile walk near the water. I did take a few pictures and pick up some sea-glass. Its one favorite hobbies…It was very quiet and peaceful there and I had a chance to think some peaceful thoughts..

I have no idea why the print ( type ) is so small and soon I am going to delete this Blog…

To see pictures click the link …http://tyler306.livejournal.com/


“No Snow Till Wednesday”

Would you believe the weather man has issued a bad air warning. This is second time this year that we have had polluted or stagnate air over the State of Connecticut and its only January 29th. I’m wondering when the drinking water will run out. Last year when I lived in Windsor Locks we were told not to drink the water. They thought there was some kind of chemical in it. So far I haven’t heard anybody say what’s going to happen to all the water when this 70 inches of snow finally thaws. To PETA, will someone tell those moron farmers to move the horses and cows before anymore needlessly die when the barn roof collapse’s.   Well, enough bad news. The good news is its not snowing here today so I think I will go to the store and do some shopping before it snows again on Wednesday. One of the things I think about before I go, is where to go and will the parking lot be big enough to park. You have drive around for a while so you can see beyond the huge piles of snow.  So far this season I haven’t seen one bucket loader moving any snow.  I don’t understand how they are not getting ready for the next storm. Hang in there guys, it will be a few days before it gets worse…



When I got up this morning I turned on the TV only to see vivid scenes of a riot and I always think about whether it could happen here. The question is, could what is happening in Egypt happen here in the the United States? I guess they are protesting over the high prices, corruption and no jobs. Sound familiar? There is also something about the leadership and someone being in office too long and won’t give up what ever it is. They all have those weird names so I don’t know who’s who or who does what…They said, one of these leaders is friends with our government and our leaders. Is he the good guy or the bad guy? On the morning shows here they are talking about whether the meat in a burrito is real and Charlie being a drug addict. Is that a distraction or do real people care about this nonsense? In Egypt they are showing cops or solders shooting people with water cannons and rubber bullets. Is this the military shooting the citizens? It looks like that but if not, how come there are so many cops? How can anyone shut down the Internet? Wow, now that is a perfect example of fear and censorship. I’d like to see them try that in this country. I guess they think they are in Iran. How long will it take before they realize the people are angry and out of control and sometimes they want change.  Where do the bad guys hide when things like this are happening? I can imagine them cowering in a Penthouse suite somewhere with an AK-47 and piles of money stacked up every where, upset because they couldn’t sleep last night. Could this be a hidden message to our leaders? If so, the morons here won’t see it through the piles of money they have stacked up in their mansion’s. Will there be a huge summer time riot here? Will we see a Kent State all over again? Are the people here in the U.S. angry enough and sick and tired of being led around by nose with promises and lies? Don’t our millionaire leaders realize the nothing is forever. Don’t they realize the people are getting impatient and that sometimes just maybe they need to do something or make a decision that will benefit the people and not themselves…

“Anxiety Pangs”

What a mess it is out there this morning..Around here our low-bidder snow plow guy with his jeep can’t figure out what to do with all the snow. I’m so glad I don’t have to go out. On TV all transportation is stalled and for the most part no one is going anywhere.  Trucks are even banned from route 95 in Connecticut. Its really bad and I can just imagine the anxiety pangs of having to have to go to work. I would start like this….Get up an hour earlier. Clean the snow from the car and the windshield. Let the car warm up and then drive in horrific traffic with the other 5.1 million people who have to do exactly the same thing as me. What we have in common is we are probably going to be at a job we don’t really want but can’t leave because we are lucky to have one. We are earning just enough money but not quite enough to keep our heads above water so our families don’t freeze to death because heating oil is so expensive. I can’t find a price per gallon locally. Its so high they won’t say anything. They will give you a bid. The price must be high if you have to bid on it. I remember when 100 gallons cost $80 .…I don’t know what the government takes out of your checks for taxes these days but I can just imagine. I mean someone’s got to pay for the Security guards and Charter jets the politicians use these days. We, the minions shell out $3.30 a gallon for gas, so we can drive to work in a blinding snow storm and get caught in a huge traffic jam, while your leaders decide whether to have the maid or nanny who is probably illegal, call the Limo to come and get them. Hey, what can I say? Someone’s got to do it…If you do have a job and you do get to work, you stay there for 8 hours, that’s only if where you work still has 8 hour days or you stay till the clock says its time to go home only to take your life in your hands driving  in traffic going between 80 and 100 miles per hour. That’s only if you don’t get caught in another traffic jam…..Don’t worry though, your leaders in Washington left early to have the Limo driver take them home so they can dress in that $5000 suit to go to a dinner party to honor the drug company lobbyist who gave them the extra $5 million dollars to get elected. That’s so the drug company’s can make a pill that costs less than one tenth of a cent and charge you $12.76 per pill but that’s another story…  Hey, that’s the way is in our land, home of the brave….


‘They Don’t Care”

As I sit here watching these morning shows and muting the obnoxious commercials. I mean does anyone really watch these things? These morning shows are where the host’s are in a perpetual state of pretend happiness. Keep in mind these shows are like reality shows and what they do is fake. Its exactly what it says, a show. These people are like robots. They don’t care. First, they talk too fast and I can’t understand what they are saying most of the time. Second, they report on bad weather and death with that stupid half grin then continue on like nothing happened. For example…..Robin Roberts on GMA is reporting on a bombing somewhere with that smug, “I’m better than you look” and says “38 people were killed in an explosion at the Russian airport”. Then she says, “Ju Ju over to you”. Ju Ju reports the body count all over again and the brain matter that is all over the walls, then Its over to the weather man who is surrounded with attractive young woo-woo girls. He reports while laughing about the hazardous driving conditions, showing a video of a huge accident that killed 3 people in a snow storm while he stands there in the middle of a bunch of giggling young girls, I’ll bet they are hand picked for their looks, him looking as stupid as possible. Then its off to four 2 minute commercials. Two are local and are about a sleazy package store and an Indian selling oriental rugs and two network both selling miracle drugs wanting you to ask your doctor about. When they come back Robin and Ju Ju are sitting on a couch trying to you sell you something or telling you watch something on TV. You have got to be kidding? Where did they come up with this Ju Ju name? Yet there are people that will believe all this nonsense. Its all fake and about taking your money…..…I will say that I did feel really bad that when all those people were shot, especially that innocent little girl and the beautiful Congress Woman that was injured. The tempo on the morning TV shows slowed down a little, not much but to somewhat of a caring chatter. It went on and on for almost 2 weeks like this poor woman was going to walk out of that hospital with her hands up the air showing the victory sign. They camp out at the hospital door because to the news, its all about the first one to report on her. Believe me they don’t care about her. She is only the news at that moment. Something to capture your interest so they can sell you something. Did they think being shot in the head was going to heal overnight? Well, they made it look that way. Let me tell you, a bullet at close range to the brain is more serious than what they made it out to be. Its going to take months maybe years for this woman to heal. She will never be the same again. The physical and psychological damage will never heal. She lives and that alone is a miracle. So back the news, its on to more blood and gore. A bombing here, a murder there. A riot in Cairo. The more death and gore the better. They don’t care. They don’t have time to care.


“Enfield Library Again”

Enfield Town Manager Matthew Coppler ordered Library Director Henry Dutcher not to speak to the media, according to the Journal Inquirer Newspaper. First the Michael Moore film was stopped from being shown. Now the Al Gore film is being stopped. This is beginning to look and feel like Nazi Germany in the 1940s. Who does this guy think he is? Someone should remind him this isn’t Iran. Does this guy know what he doing? Coppler is only a low level run of the mill Politian. A, lets say a town employee….A public servant. I’m beginning to think there is something crooked about this whole thing but then again who is stupid enough to do something like this. I mean this guy can’t be running for anything… He’s putting old Henry through Hell. Even I know that Henry avoids confrontation as much as possible. What is going on? I think an investigation by the Federal Government is in order here. The Library is a public building paid for by the Enfield Connecticut tax payers. More than likely Federal money in the form of grants was used also. Who is he to say that you can’t show a movie? Its not his building. I know that he didn’t pay for the movies…The whole idea of freedom of speech is choice to watch, do or see what you want. Especially in a public building. What they say in the movies is an opinion, its their choice. How do we know that Coppler hasn’t done this before? Has he stopped certain books from being in the library? Has he stopped other movies from being there? I know that somewhere here laws were broken and this should be investigated.

Link to the story http://bit.ly/gNRCX0

Link to the Town Hall    http://www.enfield-ct.gov/

Library Home page      http://bit.ly/ib7kGr




OK, I know, my picks were wrong but it wasn’t from lack of effort…I had a feeling the Jets would lose but hey what can I say..They did scare the Steelers at the end but just couldn’t pull it off. The Bears on the other hand would have done better but their team was riddled with injuries. I didn’t know that. They did try and I do give them credit for that..  Well, today, this morning I’ve got to get out of here so I’ll go meet with the guys and gals for breakfast. Yes, its cold and I mean really cold but I can’t stay home. We are going to get another storm on Wednesday  so I really need to leave…Later guys…


“Football Day”

Big day today. The playoff for the teams that go to the Superbowl. There is no Giant blue but we do have Jet green. Oh well, I predicted the Jets will win and the Bears will win today and I’m sticking to it..We will see.  Its so cold I didn’t go out last night and the cold front isn’t here yet. I stayed home and watched “Blue Valentine” I don’t know what to say about this movie so I won’t, except Gosling is at his usual best and Michelle Williams is another one of those wonderful actresses that will have a great future in movie land…I don’t know where these kids come from but she is in the big league with the rest of them and she fits right in…I have the “Kings Speech” for tonight and I’m looking forward to that. I love English movies. Lately I have been watching “Foyles War’ and some Catherine Cookson movies. They are the best…Well, I’ve got to venture out into this cold and get a salad and some other stuff so hang in there guys……………..Go Jets…


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