"My Life in a Nutshell"

"In Between the Beginning and the End"

‘They Don’t Care”

As I sit here watching these morning shows and muting the obnoxious commercials. I mean does anyone really watch these things? These morning shows are where the host’s are in a perpetual state of pretend happiness. Keep in mind these shows are like reality shows and what they do is fake. Its exactly what it says, a show. These people are like robots. They don’t care. First, they talk too fast and I can’t understand what they are saying most of the time. Second, they report on bad weather and death with that stupid half grin then continue on like nothing happened. For example…..Robin Roberts on GMA is reporting on a bombing somewhere with that smug, “I’m better than you look” and says “38 people were killed in an explosion at the Russian airport”. Then she says, “Ju Ju over to you”. Ju Ju reports the body count all over again and the brain matter that is all over the walls, then Its over to the weather man who is surrounded with attractive young woo-woo girls. He reports while laughing about the hazardous driving conditions, showing a video of a huge accident that killed 3 people in a snow storm while he stands there in the middle of a bunch of giggling young girls, I’ll bet they are hand picked for their looks, him looking as stupid as possible. Then its off to four 2 minute commercials. Two are local and are about a sleazy package store and an Indian selling oriental rugs and two network both selling miracle drugs wanting you to ask your doctor about. When they come back Robin and Ju Ju are sitting on a couch trying to you sell you something or telling you watch something on TV. You have got to be kidding? Where did they come up with this Ju Ju name? Yet there are people that will believe all this nonsense. Its all fake and about taking your money…..…I will say that I did feel really bad that when all those people were shot, especially that innocent little girl and the beautiful Congress Woman that was injured. The tempo on the morning TV shows slowed down a little, not much but to somewhat of a caring chatter. It went on and on for almost 2 weeks like this poor woman was going to walk out of that hospital with her hands up the air showing the victory sign. They camp out at the hospital door because to the news, its all about the first one to report on her. Believe me they don’t care about her. She is only the news at that moment. Something to capture your interest so they can sell you something. Did they think being shot in the head was going to heal overnight? Well, they made it look that way. Let me tell you, a bullet at close range to the brain is more serious than what they made it out to be. Its going to take months maybe years for this woman to heal. She will never be the same again. The physical and psychological damage will never heal. She lives and that alone is a miracle. So back the news, its on to more blood and gore. A bombing here, a murder there. A riot in Cairo. The more death and gore the better. They don’t care. They don’t have time to care.



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