"My Life in a Nutshell"

"In Between the Beginning and the End"


Two good things happened. One, they made my building a smoke free building. I can imagine the panic I would be in if I still smoked. I stopped 10 years ago..Finally! In this world of absolute insanity something good is happening for the people instead of the tobacco companies. After years of pain and death its come to this. The smokers here have 11 months to quit or they have to move…There are a lot of second hand smoke complainers here. I almost can’t wait. The smokers are citing freedom and discrimination. Wow, addiction makes you say and do some crazy things. The second good thing is, me being sort of locked in my apartment building because of these snow storms. I’m not really locked in but it feels like it. I started using the exercise equipment in the gym in my building. OMG, this just may become a habit…I plug in my headset to my new phone yes, the one that has an FM radio and I rock and roll to strides on the Treadmill…There are bike machines also but I will start with walking first..I actually walked up a sweat twice yesterday. Things aren’t looking so bad after all. I like doing that. See what you can do if you really want to…



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