"My Life in a Nutshell"

"In Between the Beginning and the End"

“Late Again”

The Super Bowl…What an event! …Having this High Definition TV actually puts me at the game..I recorded the half time show and it will be up on UTube soon. This morning its breakfast with friends and snow this afternoon. What else is new? I am doing a 19 minute mile on the Nordic Track. Is that good? The Gas prices are climbing again..Is Obama or any of our newly elected thieves and morons going to do something about this? Sorry…I’m getting upset again. I can’t help it..Who can afford the high prices of gas and heating oil? I don’t know..I never had to pay that much..I bought the mandatory 100 gallons of heating oil for $80 and it lasted for a month. I never thought the price was that high…Wow, now what do people do? I get angry for them, I guess. I put gas in my Mustang, $20 for 6 gallons. Now that is sick! I am starting to shorten the trips between here and there. I keep it at 65 on the highway and believe me I could do a continuous 90 if I wanted to. The idiots still pass me out like I’m not moving…Its unbelievable. Do you remember when the National speed limit on major highways was 55? If the cops caught you doing 65 or 70 you would end up in the lockup for speeding and reckless driving…Now 80 or 90 is normal..I don’t know how the State Police patrol this? I see them on the side of the road with their radar guns. I mean how fast can you go? It says 65. I know everybody is doing 80. Did you notice that there are more cops dying by being crashed into than in the past?..Most of the freaks that speed on the highway don’t realize that death is 2 feet away when you pass someone out at that speed. One nudge and its ass over bandbox and everyone near or around you is hurt or dead. I mean where are you going that’s so important that you need to risk your life getting there? I slow down because I really don’t need to be anywhere fast and the price of gas is too high..Hey, that’s where I came in……Later guys..


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