"My Life in a Nutshell"

"In Between the Beginning and the End"

“The Implosion of America”

Wait! What’s going on? This thing in Egypt is over. The people won! There is going to be a change in leadership…There will be elections in 6 months. 300 protesters are dead…Happiness again. Yeah right! Don’t hold your breath! I didn’t watch the riots. I don’t even know what the issues were. However, I do know it’s a Muslim country and what happens there is none of our business because we cannot change anything. I do know we have more than we can handle now, here in the United States. I do know, that somehow, someway the United States taxpayers are going to end up paying for all that Insanity. Look at what they are doing now! The Federal Government and the State are raising taxes on people who are already Tax poor and have no jobs. Hold it, that’s another subject. Now, there are riots in Iran. Would you believe, Iran is banning riots and killing rioters? Huh? Isn’t that another Muslim country? Now, There are  riots in a place called Bahrain and the protesters are being killed. The King says he’s sorry. OMG, Did I just say King? There are Riots in Libya where 14 were killed and there was riot in Italy. The only difference is, the riots in Italy are because of a slime ball Prime Minister or whatever he is. Some old guy messing with a 17 year old girl…Lets go back to the to the top of the page. Egypt? I don’t believe for a minute that Morebuick or whatever his weird name is, is gone. He installed a Military leader to his office and left to go to his Castle in some resort somewhere. He has $70 Billon dollars so I assume it’s a Castle. I mean I would have a castle if I had that kind of money but I digress.  He made that General and put him where he is today. He promoted him to a freaking General. They are pals! Elections? When? When he damn well pleases, that’s when. If you have a half of a brain you should be able to figure out that somehow the guy our Presidents have sent American troops to find at the cost of Billions by the way,  Osama Ben Laden has a hand in all this rioting in the Middle East. This looks like the execution a well planned operation by the, guess what? Right, the Radical Muslims. They even have a new name. Would you believe the “The Brotherhood“. I’ll bet you have never heard of that till now. I do know that this group believes in the old way and will make the woman wear the Robes and Burkas. Meanwhile in the U.S. our Federal taxes are going up and they are cutting programs that are needed. In the State of Connecticut gas for your car is going up and the price of food is going up. New Taxes on everything including haircuts and the money you get when you trade your car in…What idiot thinks up these things…What do they do sit in a dope ring and say, “Lets see if we can make the residents of Connecticut more desperate and miserable than they already are.” That means the 300,000 people that get food stamps and are on Welfare in the State of Connecticut will need a raise. That means more donations to the food pantry. Americans don’t like winter riots so the riot or as I call it, the “American Implosion” here will start here in the summer….Stay tuned…
Link to the time bomb…….  http://www.usdebtclock.org/index.html


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