"My Life in a Nutshell"

"In Between the Beginning and the End"

“When Will This be Over”

I have just about had it with this weather. Last week we had a few teasers of sunshine here in Connecticut and I was able to actually walk around outside for a few minutes with just a shirt on. Now its back to bundling up like a freaking Eskimo. Its February 22 and I am starting to feel a little depressed. I want all this dirty snow to go away. Depressed is not the right word though. Its more like I’m feeling sorry for myself and listless. Yesterday I went to breakfast with friends in a snowstorm. I didn’t care. I was not going to sit home and only wish I was out. I went on the highway. Rt. 95 and all the crazy people were going 70 and 80 MPH on that snowy, icy cold road. I always think, what is so important and where in Gods are they going that they have to risk life and limb to get there? Is anyone really going to care if you are a few minutes late in bad weather? I left a little early and was there on time. We all had a good time but its not the same when the Sun is behind those dark gray clouds. It did clear up but I came home right after. I was down and I let myself feel that way at least for the afternoon. Besides I nap better when I’m like that. At about 5 PM I went to gym and walked about a mile and a half on the thread mill. I felt better after that. Someone said we are supposed to have another storm sometime this week. I hate that and when things like this happen and I feel this way. I swear more and as my father used to say I have a “Shorter fuse“. I don’t like being like that. At least I am in touch with my feelings. If someone was here I’d be taking it out on them I suppose. Its takes good weather to bring out the best in me.. The thing is I know that a lot of people feel like this and I take great pleasure in knowing that I’m not alone in feeling like I do…


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