"My Life in a Nutshell"

"In Between the Beginning and the End"

“Mustang Update”

I know, I forgot to update on the Mustang…I’ve been busy with other things. They replaced the shifter. That’s the lever you use to change gears.. You don’t want to know how much that cost. Guess what? I brought the car in because the red light went on for the gas tank and while it was there to fix this and that.. Well, wouldn’t you know the red light went out the day after I cleaned the gas cap and reset the car computer, So they found nothing wrong with it after they checked the system with their computer. Make sense? I know, it doesn’t to me either. They did replaced the cabin filter. That stops pollen and foul air. They changed spark plugs and the PVC valve, what ever that is…The car runs better and it is quicker. Almost like when it was new.…I expected that…For that kind of money they should have given me a hooker for the day also… As soon as it gets a little warmer here, maybe next week or the week after, I’m going to Cape Cod for a few days. I always go early in the season when there are no crowds. I’ve just got to go to the National seashore for the day. I miss that place. Maybe I‘ll bring my bike and do some riding while I’m there. I’m feeling a little anxious and I’ve got to get out of here for a while.. This morning, here in the State of Connecticut its 26 degrees…


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