"My Life in a Nutshell"

"In Between the Beginning and the End"

“I Didn’t Do Anything”

I have been traveling to different parts of my area to find new friends and I lucked out again last night. Remember last Saturday night? Every time I do this I get lucky. Last night I met up with a guy I haven’t seen in 18 years. What a nice sunrise. He knew me when I walked in the door and I had no idea who he was. In fact I had to think about it for a while. We sat and talked for hours later and he told me he is doing great…He said I helped him many years ago and he has a great life now. (aw blush). He is the fifth person to tell me that he mentions me when he gives a speech. The rest are all gorgeous young woman…Remember Hillary, Tina, Kim and Darlene (Ahem) What else is new? In reality these folks just “Really” listened and did as I suggested. I didn’t do anything. Thinking about this I realized that these tiny things will be my legacy. I only say this because I worked very hard for a very a long time to be where I am today. Its wonderful to know that these beautiful people will be saying nice things about me for years to come….

Not to long ago I needed new glasses. I thought why not the new rimless kind that the news anchors wear. They were expensive and thinking that expensive is better, I bought them. Well its not. I only had them for a short time before they fell apart. I didn’t break them. It was like there was a bad part installed in them. I could be really angry about that and I will admit to being very disappointed. I get angry only because you have spend so much money for something that just isn’t worth it. I guess its because they are gold but I don’t even know about that?  I’ll  pick them up today and I will restrain myself from commenting. I went there the other day and encountered a young woman with an attitude problem. That could be some of the issue I have with this place. Realizing that I have the power, so to speak, I could say something to a supervisor and start a whole wrath of stuff for this kid. I just wouldn’t want to responsible for her losing her job….Good luck to her. See, I just saved someone else and she doesn’t even know it…Later guys! Have a good one…



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