"My Life in a Nutshell"

"In Between the Beginning and the End"

“A Lie”

The Catholic theological definition of a lie is, “To deny others access to knowledge to which they are entitled”. The dictionary describes a lie as “Deliberately saying something that’s untrue“. A deception, hiding a secret, an untruth and lies of omission are still lies. It’s all the same no matter what you call it or how you say it. From the moment a lie is conceived it begins to grow. It has a life. It’s the beginning of its cycle. It has a life span. When a lie is told, someone’s future could be changed. A lie is told or suggested to someone. A lie is always a secret. Its something that someone doesn’t want someone to know. There is always a victim, if convinced and the person doesn’t suspect, a trusting unsuspecting or even a suspicious victim will believe it. Usually a lie is a cover up of a mistake. It could be a broken promise, a secret or something embarrassing. It could be anything and it be painful when found out. It depends on who tells the lie. The longer a lie is left untold the more damage or pain it will cause. If left uncorrected the lie will fester and expand for weeks, months, years and maybe even generations. It doesn’t matter, sooner or later the victim of a lie will be hurt. Sometimes the teller of lies is so convincing that they believe the lie themselves. A lie can start at the telling of story, the denial of an affair or even something smaller. The key to being a good liar is to believe your own lies. The first thing the victim does when told the truth, or the truth is uncovered, is wonder why? That leads to anger, pain, hate and resentment. An feeble attempt to cover it up and manipulate the truth usually fails but not always, its just a matter of time and its out in the open. Always remember if two people know a secret it isn’t a secret. Remember, there are two kinds of truth. The real truth and the truth as seen through the eyes of a compulsive liar…….L.J. Ferrari


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