"My Life in a Nutshell"

"In Between the Beginning and the End"

From Twitter 04-06-2011

  • 07:55:15: On this GMA pepper spray kid…Where’s Dad?
  • 08:15:12: Someone might mention to Obama that if the price of Gas doesn’t go down it won’t make any difference about a government shutdown..
  • 08:25:35: “Pictures from the Past” http://j.mp/fme0qy
  • 09:38:15: The Clock is ticking towards $ 4.00, $4.25 a gallon. Oh, and a govt. shutdown. Obama looking for donations for his reelection campaign.
  • 15:20:51: Hulu – Dancing With The Stars: Week 2: Chelsea’s Showstopper!: http://bit.ly/hUqqzS via @addthis
  • 15:48:17: Major Hearing on Ground Zero Mosque Case in NY Supreme Court — April 5, 2011 – Standard Newswire: http://bit.ly/ejLl9C via @addthis
  • 15:56:08: Imagine living in Alaska and paying over $4.00 a gallon for gas while watching the tankers leave with Alaskan oil to go to Japan..
  • 16:01:21: Obama to Attend Sharpton Anniversary Event | NBC New York: http://bit.ly/dMPKws via @addthis
  • 16:03:45: I’ll Take a Snowcone and a Pack of Butts | I just can’t imagine paying that much for cigarettes http://bit.ly/e8LIAV via @addthis
  • 16:10:39: It seems the increase in Bullying started when Glee got Popular. Kids copy celeb There was a lot of negative hallway behavior on that show.
  • 16:17:00: 800,000 federal employees would be affected by government shutdown,yes but don’t worry its a scare tactic they will be paid retroactively.
  • 16:17:42: Government hangs in the balance – POLITICO.com: http://politi.co/hT32sA via @addthis
  • 17:49:07: President Obama convening Oval Office talks as government shutdown looms – POLITICO.com: http://politi.co/hT32sA via @addthis
  • 18:16:48: McDonald’s USA – Fruit & Maple Oatmeal: Nutrition Facts http://bit.ly/eNyI6B via @addthis
  • 18:18:22: Explore Our Menu | Starbucks Coffee Company – Nutrition Facts http://sbux.co/fLtsKQ via @addthis
  • 18:40:37: Many Illegal Immigrant Families Are on Welfare – The question is who didn’t know this? Thats why things like they are http://bit.ly/ehsNkW
  • 19:30:49: Washington DC could lose $6 million a week in shutdown / Isn’t that supposed to be Taxpayers could lose 6 Million http://reut.rs/g1drfF
  • 20:42:41: “A Lie” http://wp.me/pWc9R-26

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