"My Life in a Nutshell"

"In Between the Beginning and the End"

“Glee and Bullies”

Since the beginning of time there has always been Bullies. Through the years every once and a while you would hear a story about a kid in a school who got in trouble because he maybe picked on a little kid. That has been going on since I can remember. Hey, it happened to me…I got picked on. Its like a right of passage. I was hurt and upset but my DAD handled it and taught me what to do! Guess what? It passed. Now I feel sorry for the kid that picked on me…..Today its Cyber Bullying on social networks by saying cruel and intolerable things….. And then there is Glee, the TV show that glorifies and encourages bullying and teenage promiscuity. The writers of this show are the same writers who wrote the twisted, push it to the limit and see what happens TV show, “Nip Tuck.” They have brought this, “Push it to the limit style“, to the local networks on “Glee“. Glee has Weird Oddball teachers with hidden agendas, hallway soda throwing, threatening and fist fights. There are teen high school girls kissing in bed for the perverts and the exploitation of homosexually in the classrooms. I haven’t been to high school for a long time but I doubt very much that its like they portray on Glee. The very young and gullible youngsters of today who are without responsible parental supervision in this instant gratification society of ours, learn by example and are drawn to this show because of the music and their hopes of becoming a so-called star. These kids are prey to writers like this. I noticed the Bullying has became more intense in this country as Glee became more popular. Hey, now its cool to pick on someone in school. Its OK on Glee, no one seems to get in trouble! Lets find the weakest kid in the hallway and…Or something like that. That’s the way it begins. Lets face it, the writers of “Glee, certainty don’t care. With them, anything goes, the more shocking the better. The excuse is, its about the money but with this type of writer, it seems its more about pushing it to the limit to see what they can get away with. I wonder why the local networks allow these degenerates to harm society like they do. In reality they disrespect parents and hate the kids. Its like they are laughing at someone in pain or at kid that commits suicide. It sure seems that way to me. Who else would subject a young mind to the insanity of a Glee type show. Unless schools, parents or even the networks do something about this “don’t care attitude“. This behavior and the Bullying will get worse. They booted foul mouth shock  jock Howard Stern to outer space on a satellite. Why not Glee? I’m sure Howard’s perverted fans will pay big bucks to watch this trash.


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