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From Twitter 04-08-2011

  • 03:21:34: From Twitter 04-07-2011 http://wp.me/pWc9R-2b
  • 08:20:57: “In ancient times strangers shook hands to show that they were unarmed”. Huh, Its like that now…
  • 08:27:24: UConn Looking For School Bands For Parade – Its what happens when you cut programs… http://bit.ly/hKMzfE via @addthis
  • 09:02:47: CNN has a shut down clock…As they wheel and deal with your tax dollars Gas prices go up and no one cares….
  • 09:22:13: One of the problems is, in Washington they think that a Billion dollars is a small amount of money.. They say its “Nickels and dimes”
  • 09:25:15: @60goingon40 Thats right but you also have the time to worry about the stupid decisions and the consequences of these decisions.
  • 09:29:52: Iowa’s J. Wilson Halfway Through Beer-Only Lent Fast: http://aol.it/hXtqKL via @addthis…There are a lot of good AA meetings in his area…
  • 09:31:43: @kbucketusa This is just another bill for the American taxpayers..
  • 09:31:55: RT @kbucketusa: What happened to the American hikers in Iranian prisons – http://dld.bz/S8Eq – seems like deals are being made in the ba …
  • 09:34:19: Will I get paid? What will be open? What can I expect? – http://wapo.st/gUSVP7 via @addthis..All will go back to normal..Retroactively..
  • 09:40:02: “Glee and Bullies” http://wp.me/pWc9R-2c
  • 15:31:15: Tens of thousands of Egyptian protesters demand Mubarak prosecution – USATODAY.com: http://usat.ly/g4irVD via @addthis
  • 16:32:59: @HumaneSociety Beautiful story..If more people were like this the world would be at peace..
  • 16:33:08: RT @samirbalwani: @newmediajim Wow thats beautiful! Hope you’re well Jim!
  • 16:52:15: Karen Moore, 42 an Army Recruiter, Killed At Home Thursday, 15 Year Old Daughter Charged: http://bit.ly/f1ltcc via @addthis
  • 16:56:42: New York – Church Posts $25’000 Bail for Afrika Owes. Shes accused of drug dealing and gun running. http://bit.ly/eBKvB2 via @addthis
  • 16:59:37: Johnson & Johnson Fined $70 Million – Paid Bribes to health-care providers Overseas: Feds | NBC New York: http://bit.ly/hMYgNm via @addthis
  • 17:22:07: MURRYSVILLE, Pa. – Frederick Harris III 43 Jailed For ‘Squatting’ In Upscale Home – WFSB Hartford: http://bit.ly/dS6UzA via @addthis
  • 17:26:53: NBC’s ‘Today’ Show Faces Transitions – ABC News: http://abcn.ws/gUovFN via @addthis Its ABC’s GMA that really needs a makeover…
  • 17:29:09: @kbucketusa Forgive your enemies, but always know where they are.- Me
  • 17:30:58: Real Housewives of Washington D.C. get the axe | Reuters: http://reut.rs/hSx01g via @addthis Now all they have to do is get rid of Glee.
  • 17:36:07: Alabama House Passes Anti-illegal Alien Bill: http://bit.ly/eIuxXI via @addthis
  • 17:42:43: 25-year-old Woman Out of Coma After Parking Spot Beating by Oscar Fuller He ran the scene. | NBC New York: http://bit.ly/fMaNxn
  • 19:48:03: West Haven Conn.John Billingslea, 34 Accused in 7-Year-Old’s Death Waives Jury Trial | NBC Connecticut: http://bit.ly/gtIs3B via @addthis
  • 19:52:23: Accused Croc’s Crooks Tyler Sullivan, 18, of Clinton; Lindsey Clark, 20, of Hamden; Brittany Lindgren, 20, Arrested http://bit.ly/f3ngR9
  • 21:10:40: Greenfield Daily – Photo of the Day Two 22-foot steel beams taken from the site of the World Trade Center. http://bit.ly/fRzhA2 via @addthis
  • 21:12:18: Government shutdown avoided? GOP reviewing latest offer – Jake Sherman and John Bresnahan – POLITICO http://politi.co/dO9JDT via @addthis
  • 23:28:40: Italy, France agree on immigration patrol: http://bit.ly/hwqUGm …….. / If they stop them there, will we stop them from coming over here?

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