"My Life in a Nutshell"

"In Between the Beginning and the End"

From Twitter 04-11-2011

  • 08:35:22: SALEM, Ore.Kitzhaber to end commutation program for illegal immigrant inmates; savings less than expected: http://bit.ly/e9tQvE via @addthis
  • 09:11:14: Did you know that there are some people that go to work to buy gas just to be able to go to work?
  • 16:21:27: Mitt Romney forms exploratory committee – http://politi.co/huJ06A – AND DON’T FORGET TO TELL THE PRESIDENT THAT GAS PRICES ARE TOO HIGH.
  • 16:23:58: Has Gabrielle Giffords’s progress been overstated? – Jennifer Epstein – POLITICO.com: http://politi.co/fkD6v8 via @addthis
  • 16:30:08: Hartford and Mattress Problem – To cart off and dispose of mattresses, it cost Hartford nearly $400,000 last year. http://bit.ly/eXVizK
  • 16:33:58: Hartford Conn.Schools Brace For Potential Teacher Layoffs – http://bit.ly/gzuAde Meanwhile the Mayor tries to explain away corruption..
  • 18:31:58: Ex-playmate reveals nasty details of Hugh Hefner’s sex sessions: http://bit.ly/fC9wo2 via @addthis / Fascinating…..
  • 18:33:06: American Idol accused of discrimination & bullying audience member over weight – Cincinnati Pop Culture http://exm.nr/gs5mD0 via @addthis
  • 18:34:27: Indian Americans not in favour for passport surrender rules – USindians news: http://bit.ly/fDmYL0 via @addthis
  • 19:14:08: New Haven Connecticut Woman Clare Morgana Gillis being held captive in Libya | NBC Connecticut: http://bit.ly/gvDX7X via @addthis
  • 19:18:24: Greenwich Conn.Twins Can’t Undo Facebook Settlement. http://bit.ly/g5oW2A / Isn’t 20 million enough? How much money do these clowns want???
  • 19:19:38: D.C. Mayor Vincent Gray arrested – CNN Political Ticker – CNN.com Blogs: http://bit.ly/eFA2n0 via @addthis
  • 19:22:27: Striking Worker was arrested, Daniel Mezzanote, 56 Throws Soup at Job Applicant: Cops | NBC Connecticut: http://bit.ly/f37bmB via @addthis
  • 19:25:09: Greenwich Woman Brutally Slain. Police arrested Raul Barrera for 2nd degree murder | NBC Connecticut: http://bit.ly/hiPWrI via @addthis
  • 20:25:26: Check this video out — Joaquin Phoenix & Reese Witherspoon – It Ain’t Me Babe http://t.co/vzxHnRz via @youtube I just love this song…
  • 22:47:02: Japanese nuclear agency “provisionally” raises the threat level from a stricken power plant from 5 to 7, the most severe category.
  • 22:47:58: CNN- A Japanese official says the release of radiation at the Fukushima Daiichi plant is about 10% of what was emitted at Chernobyl.
  • 22:50:50: Terrorist attacks twin towers – Amazing photos: http://bit.ly/huPZku via @addthis This is good ..
  • 23:19:26: Arizona immigration law: Federal appeals court upholds ban on parts of immigration law – latimes.com: http://lat.ms/gQfMSZ via @addthis

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