"My Life in a Nutshell"

"In Between the Beginning and the End"

“LiveJournal & Tweets”

I know its probably stupid but after complaining numerous times and sending countless E-Mails to LJ support I have decides to post my Tweets myself…Call me lazy or whatever. Live journal just won’t be consistant and post them every day. They are complaining about virus’s and malicious software or something like that and there have been times when I can’t get to the room to post a regular entry. Believe me its the least of my worry’s but what is taking so long? Its very distracting to have to continuously go back only to get the internet message in big black letters ROOM NOT AVAILABLE AT THIS.TIME PLEASE TRY AGAIN LATER…Then of coarse there are the Tweets..I realize its not that important but its what its what I feel like doing at the time. I do not want to have keep resetting the settings everyday only to check to see if they are there and finding that they are NOT. Its true that I am having some trouble not being able to come up with something to write about but I want my tweets posted everyday without fail and Live Journal just won’t do it or fix it. See and I said all that without saying that I pay for this site too…….



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