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From Twitter 04-13-2011

  • 03:20:32: From Twitter 04-12-2011 http://wp.me/pWc9R-2n
  • 08:05:45: J Crew ad featuring five-year-old boy with neon pink toenails sparks debate about gender identity in children http://bit.ly/e8thy1 Sick..
  • 09:21:04: Is there anybody in Washington DC that will tell the President that the price of GAS IS TOO HIGH!!!!!
  • 09:24:13: Watch: Czech President steals a pen?: http://bit.ly/gBp14j via @addthis
  • 09:34:58: Church Prays 4 Low Gas Prices http://bit.ly/hlBUWa Everybody lets join hands.OK i’m kidding but will someone pass this along to the prez
  • 09:47:10: I heard the all Senators & Congressmen are going to donate all their “Campaign funds” and salary’s back to the Federal Budget 4 a year.
  • 09:49:23: AARP….The biggest Car Insurance company in the country…They started by helping seniors …….Now?
  • 10:08:46: I also heard that all Senators and Congressmen will donate $1 Million dollars to The federal fund. That’s 530 million. It will help…
  • 10:13:26: I also heard that instead of taking graft and corruption money from Lobbyists they will tell them to donate it to the treasury….
  • 10:15:37: @WildKnitter Good for him..and you of coarse..
  • 10:19:39: I heard that all oil company’s and millionaires are going to have to pay taxes effective immediately ..
  • 14:26:18: FergieDaily.com: http://www.fergiedaily.com/page/129/ via @addthis / I like Fergie but I just can’t get used to the BEP Tron look.
  • 14:31:29: “LiveJournal & Tweets” http://wp.me/pWc9R-2o
  • 14:37:30: CNN – President Obama reveals plan calling for cuts and tax hikes to reduce federal deficit by $4 trillion in 12 years. It will be too late
  • 14:44:33: Michael Douglas’ Ex Diandra Douglas Revives NYC Suit | NBC New York: http://bit.ly/hdAAlv via @addthis
  • 14:47:07: Michael Douglas’ ex-wife wants ‘Wall Street 2’ money | Ology: http://bit.ly/eDlsyH via @addthis / The picture is when they were happy..
  • 14:54:12: Boy Had 2 Minutes to Escape Doomed Van | http://bit.ly/hpRRlJ ….LaShanda Armstrong, 25, plunged the van into the river in Newburgh, N.Y.
  • 14:56:48: N.Y. Sen. Carl Kruger Pleads Not Guilty he took $1 million in bribes in a federal influence-peddling case. http://bit.ly/eFClEg via @addthis
  • 15:10:06: Emotions Run High At Medina Arraignment – Its said The Suspect killed a mother of Two.. WFSB Hartford: http://bit.ly/i5nZKF via @addthis
  • 15:13:59: Yale Student Killed In Lab Accident http://bit.ly/ebGu09 via @addthis I can see the Lawyers lining up now… Tuitions on the rise next year.
  • 17:58:02: Convicted Cop Killer Gary Castonguay Loses Appeal | NBC Connecticut: http://bit.ly/ihzY6G via @addthis
  • 18:01:19: Dr Joseph Skowron III of Greenwich Ct was charged with conspiracy to commit securities fraud http://bit.ly/f2uFQT So much for trust issues.
  • 18:03:22: Salvatore Caracoglia Thrown Out of Heated Middletown Budget Town Hall NBC Connecticut http://bit.ly/hRDgEE via @addthis
  • 18:05:47: Pool Company Exec.David Lionetti Guilty in 6 year old Boy’s Drowning | NBC Connecticut: http://bit.ly/hjFjFE via @addthis….Atta boy Dave..
  • 18:08:40: Catherine Zeta-JonesTreated for Bipolar Disorder http://bit.ly/gCXZsZ It never ends for this kid.Mike being sued for half the cash by the EX
  • 18:11:06: CNN – Jurors convict Barry Bonds of one count of obstruction of justice. WTG Barry………..
  • 18:31:46: “So help me God’
  • 18:40:15: Do you swear to tell the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth so help you GOD?
  • 18:42:00: @60goingon40 And do not look in the mirror..
  • 20:01:45: Patting down that 6 yr.old girl is the same as a school security guard searching her for drugs. I get a queasy stomach thinking about that.
  • 20:03:28: Do you swear to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, SO HELP YOU GOD?
  • 20:05:10: @f396 Yes, and he could take Air-force one..
  • 21:21:59: Farooque Ahmed gets 23 years for plotting terrorist attacks on DC Metro Stations – http://exm.nr/fsNppr He should get the death Penalty.
  • 21:28:24: Parents Unhappy with Anti-Bullying Message – http://bit.ly/ercPAL via @addthis The kids see a lot of this Bullying on TV programs like Glee.

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