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“Memorial Hall in Windsor Locks Conn.”

Interesting story about the Memorial Hall in Windsor Locks Conn. After World War two they set up a Real Grumman Hellcat Fighter plane outside the Memorial Hall. If you are standing near the road looking at the building it was on the left side. I remember my Dad giving me a boost up and letting me climb up the wings and fuselage and sitting in the Cockpit. They let you do that in those days. Years later the town donated it to the Air Museum at Bradley International Airport. The rumor was and I’m not kidding about this, was factory owner C.H. Dexter’s son flew it when he was in the Navy from an Aircraft carrier in World War II. They said he had it sent there after the war. When I was in the Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts and we marched in the town parade we all ended all the Memorial Hall. The same when I was in the Army National Guard. I remember having a few Boy scout meetings in that beautiful building also. There was even a dance in the hall on the second floor. That was in the late fifty’s, early sixty’s. A couple of years ago while riding my bike around the building and through the back parking lot. I found the keys to the building on the pavement in the back. To make sure I tried the keys in the front door and they worked. Later that day I returned them to the Police station…I glad I found them and not some kid….Keep up the good work and don‘t let anybody forget why its there…I have wonderful memories and had a great childhood in Windsor Locks….


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