"My Life in a Nutshell"

"In Between the Beginning and the End"

From Twitter 04-21-2011

  • 15:22:13: Conn-Emilio Valentine Charged After Dumping $200 Worth Of Gas – http://bit.ly/hVgadT – If you think about it? That isn’t that much gas.
  • 15:26:19: HOUSTON- Police Look At How Kindergartner Got Gun and wounded three http://bit.ly/eRjM4n Don’t look far – Mom and Dad where are you?
  • 15:30:17: CIA Declassifies Its Oldest Secret Documents – http://n.pr/fT7CjK – Yeah right, I’ll bet they are as much of a secret as Oprah and Gail…
  • 15:32:27: CNN -11 political myths and conspiracy theories that still persist http://bit.ly/ekVlsQ via @addthis
  • 15:33:09: @nationaljournal He is checking to see if the gas prices are going down…
  • 17:11:16: Kenyan police warn of terrorist attacks over Easter: http://bit.ly/dVpnFO via @addthis
  • 17:12:21: » Happy Days are Here Again (If You Live in Washington’s Bubble) – Big Government: http://bit.ly/hEGczJ via @addthis
  • 17:15:56: $4 A Gallon Gas Prices: Who’s To Blame? : NPR: http://n.pr/hQ4Kqs – Obama and everyone of the crooked politicians in Washington.
  • 17:41:39: Obama said he going to investigate gas prices. DUDE YOU SHOULD HAVE DONE THIS WHEN IT WAS $2.59 A GALLON…
  • 18:34:06: CBS just confirmed what I have been saying for the past year…This country is F–ked up and Washington is doing NOTHING about it…
  • 18:37:50: CBS – Bob Schieffer on smoke and mirror spending cuts – Video: http://bit.ly/hNCimo They lie, steal, cheat, Who? Washington thats who!
  • 20:51:31: One of my English friends sent me this..Check this video out — Britain’s Got Talent 2011 Audition – itv.com/talent http://t.co/jbifJQI
  • 21:07:23: @f396 Cool
  • 23:15:14: AG Goes After Colt 45 Blast – http://bit.ly/fYuTpZ This stuff is just another way to get teens addicted to alcohol..Get rid of this poison..
  • 23:20:02: Obama said “It hurts, its taking a big hunk out of your pay check”. Note: He had a big grin or smirk on his face when he said that…
  • 23:22:13: @f396 $1 Billion tax dollars…Hey, I know lets raise the gas tax to pay for that.
  • 23:26:47: @cinnamon_carter @cryptogon Its probably contaminated with radiation anyway…Let them have it…

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