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From Twitter 04-25-2011

  • 08:09:11: Exxon reports a 60% jump in profits..Somebody have the President check on that..Business go to a 4 day work week. Check that too…
  • 09:22:35: Sen. Blumenthal Wants More Action on Gas Prices – Washington Wire – WSJ: http://on.wsj.com/emkxK1 via @addthis
  • 15:29:45: STRATFORD, Conn. 2 Dead, 3 Hospitalized In Early Morning Motorcycle Crash – WFSB Hartford: http://bit.ly/hciqgn via @addthis
  • 15:30:44: FDA Issues Warnings To 4 Hand Sanitizer Companies – Connecticut News Story – WFSB Hartford: http://bit.ly/hF39bX via @addthis
  • 15:35:34: Arrests at UConn, April 21 – April 23 – Mansfield-Storrs, CT http://bit.ly/eZZygU The thing is they were warned yet You judge.
  • 18:48:09: I wrote this yesterday before for the announcement about profits. Obama has a lot of friends in the oil Industry http://bit.ly/g5eaxl
  • 18:48:40: I am just so upset that I have to vent somewhere…
  • 18:51:52: © A few more Characters but I won’t bore you with the details…. (tweaks140plus ® ): http://bit.ly/ewHEFp via @addthis
  • 18:59:14: Oil Company Profits To Blow By Last Year And It’s Not Just Because Of Soaring Crude Prices: http://read.bi/elVEa1 via @addthis
  • 18:59:36: 8 Integrated Oil Companies to Consider – Seeking Alpha: http://bit.ly/hgWQqq via @addthis
  • 19:01:49: TRANSCRIPT: ABC News’ Jonathan Karl Interviews Speaker of the House John Boehner – http://abcn.ws/hswXTw – You need to read this.
  • 19:02:45: BP to reveal drop in profits as effects of oil spill remain on the horizon – Business News – http://bit.ly/gK4nVg via @addthis
  • 19:03:19: Angry about gas prices? Blame speculators – MiamiHerald.com: http://bit.ly/h1SqVP via @addthis
  • 19:08:06: Most Amazing Time Lapse Video of Milky Way Ever Made. Seriously. http://t.co/MFMvXKP via @AddThis
  • 20:27:00: Rep. Blumenauer: Ending Big Oil Tax Incentives a ‘Win-Win’ – The Note: http://abcn.ws/h36uht via @addthis
  • 20:28:33: EPA Blocks Oil Drilling in Alaska | The Foundry: http://bit.ly/gF8vRJ via @addthis
  • 20:28:58: Fueling debate on gas prices | gas, prices, gallon – Jacksonville Daily News: http://bit.ly/fsiFIF via @addthis
  • 20:31:57: @f396 I agree with what you say but I think to hammer him on the oil prices is more productive…No one cares anymore where he was born…
  • 20:35:48: @f396 Again, right but If the gas prices stay the way they are he won’t have a snowballs chance in Hell to get reelected. No pun there.
  • 22:57:45: Oil companies | corporate taxes | The truth about America’s oil & gas companies — Part I http://bit.ly/f0Fkez via @addthis

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