"My Life in a Nutshell"

"In Between the Beginning and the End"

“…Its true, a “Carnival Barker“…

I was watching CNN this morning and I just happened see the unveiling of the reluctant birth certificate. We have so much money in the coffers of the Federal government that the President actually sent a plane to Hawaii to get it. No, he didn’t have it mailed like a normal human being…..I’m yelling here >> HE SENT A FREAKING GOVERNMENT PLANE FROM WASHINGTON TO HAWAII AND BACK TO GET IT!…… Back to CNN…At that point in time they had Mr. Trump on hand from New Hampshire to comment and comment he did. So much so that CNN actually kept him on for a half hour making our President wait. By this time it turned into a Trump press conference and when they finally cut away to the President you could tell The President was shaken and upset because he had to wait and watch and listen too what Mr. Trump was saying. He tried to control himself by smirking like Bush used to do and making a joke about it but you could tell by the way he was talking that he was angry…..He made it to the end of the birthing explanation but couldn’t resist calling Mr. Trump a “Carnival Barker“…Its true, a “Carnival Barker“…The thing is, Mr. Trump was talking about all the things, yelling again here, Sorry >> THE PRESIDENT should be talking about and doesn’t…..Mr. Trump really hit a sore spot to make him say that…..He was really upset because CNN made him wait. Kudos to the director and the folks in the control room who kept Mr. Trump on the air and did NOT to cut away to the President. My hat is off to them….Keep up the good work…


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