"My Life in a Nutshell"

"In Between the Beginning and the End"

“Multi-Billionaire Oil Executive”

A personal message to all Oil company Executives… I can’t imagine being a Multi-Billionaire Oil executive and trying to sleep at night, safely tucked away in my mansion. Well dude, the longer folks have to pay these prices for gas, the more angry and insane they will be. I realize that you don’t care and think you are untouchable. With you its all about the money and the bottom line but sooner or later all that cash won’t help or protect you. You can build the thickest walls, the highest fences and hire the best Army to watch over you but I guarantee, you will self-destruct. No predictions here and I could wish that many incurable and unpleasant things happen to your body but I won’t. Its not up to me. I could call you ugly names but I won’t do that ether. You have chosen your own fate. No one can help you but yourself…Dude, you do what you have to do but first take a moment to think how much Hate and Evil is pointed in your direction. You have all that dirty money and many Lawyers. They try to manipulate and reword that bottom line for you but even they won’t be able to protect you. That you can take that to the bank…..L.J Ferrari


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