"My Life in a Nutshell"

"In Between the Beginning and the End"

From Twitter 05-06-2011

  • 03:21:31: From Twitter 05-05-2011 http://wp.me/pWc9R-3a
  • 07:11:03: State of Connecticut Worker Layoffs Begin today 4000 others start Monday – WFSB Hartford: http://bit.ly/iyu5QR via @addthis
  • 07:15:34: Gas prices going down? Was it something we said? Good, every little bit counts…When it gets to about $1.75.9 I’ll be happy
  • 07:18:16: Gov. Malloy To Lay Off 100 State Workers WFSB Hartford: http://bit.ly/ksxZzz via @addthis..Oh. and I forgot. I’ll believe when I see it..
  • 16:24:26: Job growth and unemployment up for April – http://politi.co/k9Mwmh via @add This is true, I see a lot of new faces at our local Burger King
  • 16:26:37: Oil prices plunge; Where’s relief at the pump? – CBS News: http://bit.ly/kMiKAX via @addthis
  • 19:07:33: CVS Settles Lawsuit Over Expired-Products Claims – Courant.com: http://bit.ly/iZBR3y via @addthis
  • 19:16:20: Connecticut Gov.Malloy’s ‘Plan B Budget’ Calls For 4,700 State Worker Layoffs. OK ,now get the food stamps and welfare checks ready……Huh
  • 19:22:30: Life in Prison for Jewelers’ Killer Christopher DiMeo, 29. SIX YEARS AGO he killed these poor people. http://bit.ly/iugQqX via @addthis
  • 22:57:21: In Florida, Bin Laden Brother’s Mansion Sits Empty. He fled country 9/11 w/ police escort out of fear : NPR: http://n.pr/jwuslw via @addthis
  • 23:02:26: Fannie Mae Has Loss, Seeks $8.5 Billion In U.S. Aid : NPR: http://n.pr/k8Dyqh via @addthis I still don’t WTF a Fanny May is?
  • 23:05:07: The ‘Singular Woman’ Who Raised Barack Obama : NPR: http://n.pr/jSt1wm via @addthis

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