"My Life in a Nutshell"

"In Between the Beginning and the End"

“Its in the Wind”

Ok, Ok Just a little bit on this Pakistani lie that no one knew that the power hungry monster was there. Believe me, somebody knew! Near a police academy no less. What a bunch of morons. They were either paid not to say anything or they and their whole family would have been very painfully murdered if they did. I start off writing about this backward country and the boredom sets in. I am so sick of seeing these bearded cowards in their robes and hearing of their religious ideals that I could throw up. However, our mission is over, the psychopath is dead and its time for all our guys to come home and for those people to pay us back all the money we have given them. Oh, lost my head there for a second. No one ever pays us back! Our corrupt leaders would rather terrorize us by raising our taxes and skimming off the top. Then they give what’s left to the corrupt officials over there. Don’t get me started on the graft and corruption in that Hell hole. I am also sick of hearing about the poverty in these places. Those people choose NOT to change. They live in the middle ages like they do because they want to and its what their religion tells them to do. WE cannot force them to change. Hey, all you people that think the U.S. is going to save you. Why don’t you do something about it yourself…Instead of coming over here. Work there to save your own country! What the Hell kind of people leave their homeland? Cowards, thieves and criminals, that’s who…We are saddled with the misfits and losers from all over the world and not only are they causing misery in the form of crime its costing each and every one of us a small fortune. We don’t need any more finger nail polishers, convenience stores, gas stations and restaurants. We need American Citizens to start businesses not foreigners. Our kids need jobs to save for college or to help their parents…See what I mean? I get angry and I blame our corrupt Government. Well, its true! They should be setting limits instead of letting the prices of everything go up. A while ago I commented about the anger everywhere. Lately when I walk down the street or go into a grocery store I can feel the intensity of the anger. It feels thick in the air and energized and its on the faces of people that realize that this is their future. Believe me! There are some really pissed off people in this country. Something is going to happen here in America. Its in the wind…Wait and see.


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