"My Life in a Nutshell"

"In Between the Beginning and the End"

“Suddenly Silent”

I had to bring the Mustang back to the garage the other day because the front wheel and I don’t know if it was a wheel specify. It was a noise coming from somewhere in the front end. After I had the brake job done it started. I explained the problem to the guy and had the mechanic take the car for a ride. He couldn’t find anything wrong. The noise disappeared…I took it for a ride with him and tried to make it, make the noise but he was right the sound was gone, the noise disappeared. He thought maybe the pads had to be broken in. I don’t know about that. I’m thinking loose lug nuts that mysteriously got tightened when the car was out of my sight. I wish I thought of that and checked before I brought it back. With the trust issues I have lately I’m beginning to wonder. I haven’t heard the noise since so we will see…OK, I am not going nuts. My refrigerator started to make a sound like a bearing was going in the fan motor. Last night and this morning so far the sound was gone. It was running as smooth as silk…I can’t believe it…I’ll say it before you do. I’m not hearing things. I have been bike riding only one time so far this year. The bike is ready to go all clean and tight, oiled and working well. Today its supposed to be cloudy all day but one way or another I’m going down by the ocean and take a ride. I don’t know where yet. Maybe Old Saybrook. I know it will be by the ocean. Have a good one guys….


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