"My Life in a Nutshell"

"In Between the Beginning and the End"

“Mental Terrorism”

Let me see if I got this straight….We, the U.S.A. finally after about 10 years and Billions of dollars caught up with and killed the mass murderer. We all know who that was. Just hearing or saying his name makes me want to throw up so I won’t. OK, having said that, its my understanding that he will have to be replaced with another leader. Lets see, if I put an ad in the “Radical Muslim Times“…It would look like this……Wanted, someone to take over as baby killer. Must be able to give classes on building suicide bombs. Must be willing to strap young psychopathic men and woman with high explosives and send them into markets and schools to blow themselves up…Its very important that you have no conscience and you must be willing to be put on the most wanted list. You must have Terrorist experience and have killed at least a 1000 innocent people. Consideration will be given to all applicants with no formal education but sheep herder experience credits will be given. No woman will be allowed to apply but we will allow you to blow yourself up.…..Well, it looks like they found one but it was decided that his position will be temporary. Sort of like a part time mass murderer not a full time killer. Don’t laugh this is true. The position is temporary or until they can find a more insane guy to apply….Here in the U.S. the price of gas is stalled at over $4.00 a gallon. Rampant greed is out of control and Food stamp applications continue to flood in to State offices. Welfare is paying for most people to live and the United States continues to give Billions of dollars in foreign aid to countries that lie to us and hate us…Here in Connecticut, its Mental terrorism at its best….Its Absolute Insanity!


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