"My Life in a Nutshell"

"In Between the Beginning and the End"

“Honesty is a Life Force”

Did you miss me?….Don’t worry I’m still here…You probably can’t see me in all this fog but I’m here. There was a break in the fog the other day and the sun came out for a little while. I jumped on that very quickly and took a ride on my bike for about 10 miles. Just a sample of things to come…What’s new?… Well, The latest thing is I’ve been getting phone calls from someone I dated in 2006.…No details but our relationship was volatile to say the least. Remember when I went on that liar rant post a while ago? Every once and a while I think about how she treated me and I write about honesty and what a rare commodity this is these days. Actually honesty and integrity are my favorite topics…I wrote about the woman who use half truths to manipulate men and practically anyone so they can to get what they want. Well, I’ve been watching the Casey Anthony murder trial and the person that is calling me reminds of the girl that’s on trial. In the past when called she was mostly civil. Now when she calls she’s drunk or high on drugs. The foul language, shock statements about her promiscuity are there but now she is slurring and muttering her words. Please believe me, I don’t like when the predictions I make come true like this. I truly believe that honesty is a life force. Telling the truth, good or bad is a main stay to leading a happy sober life. No, I will not be helping this very sick young woman nor will get involved with her decline. All her problems are hers and hers alone…I will venture to say that her life will be cut short because of what she is doing and maybe that’s a good thing because at least her pain will be over. In this case its sad because she has had all the chances humanly possible. Addiction is a horrible disease


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