"My Life in a Nutshell"

"In Between the Beginning and the End"

“Salty Language”

Warning……There is a little “Salty Language” here…

It was another hot day yesterday…All winter long I complained about the cold…Well, not complained just, well yes, complained and whined…No more! I’m not going to say anything about the weather..

Comment…..Example of Greed out of control…Delta Airlines charging our soldiers who are coming home from risking their lives in those Hellholes over there $200 for the extra duffel bag. The government said they (that means we) will pick up the tab. I wonder who the ass-wipe was that thought of that charge…It must have been some dope in a staff meeting somewhere?…Duh…

No comment on the Anthony case except that I feel really bad for that beautiful little kid….

Comment…Posting a picture of your body parts on an Internet Social page is a really stupid thing to do. There is no other way to say it.. This is an example of the kind of fool who makes decisions about the future of our country and what kind of money to spend on what and where. He is the laughing stock of the political world. Plus, he’s so ego driven that he won’t resign. Hell, I can’t imagine not resigning. How does he justify this behavior to his pregnant wife and unborn child. This guy has no pride or morals. He should be fired or impeached or what ever they do to these idiots…When I hear his name I can only think of a Weiner showing pictures of his Weener…World wide humiliation. Even the Taliban is laughing at him…Think about that! What is the attraction about that Congress job? Prestige, ego? Someone should ask his Mother and Father what they think about his behavior and if that is the way they brought him up? Hey, dumb ass. Who do you think you are? Bill Clinton? It has to be self interest because he certainly doesn’t care about the people. On Dave the other night he was the “Butt” of all the jokes…Now, I heard there are new nude pictures! His colleagues should check how old the girls are that he sent his nude pictures to. They should also check his “Hard” drive for Porn…This guy is a pervert and he should be on some kind of pervert watch list. Like, “Warning”, don’t let this loser give any speeches in your school.

Comment…..The price of gas went up again and our wonderful President is still doing nothing about it. I don’t know too much about this story, I just caught the tail end of it on NPR but Yelling here>>>“Its not my job to know”. It seems there was a disagreement in the negotiations they are having about how much to rape the American people at the gas pump….I actually feel dirty when I buy gas. I hate giving those Bastards anything. I hate that this country allows them to hurt us like this.

Comment..….Doesn’t the television networks realize that there are too many commercials on in the morning. Morning Hell, all day….Boring and repetitive, geared to the weak minded, designed to have people max out their already maxed out credit cards and to take money from people who don’t have any money…Television is to the point of embarrassment themselves. Hey, greedy producers! Can you imagine how many people mute the TV? Personally, I mute the TV in the morning and I don’t watch TV at night. If you are so good with statistics you figure out why.


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