"My Life in a Nutshell"

"In Between the Beginning and the End"

“ Integrity”

Reply to the comment about Weener’s wife working for Mrs. Clinton.

The conversation should have went something like this…A very excited Huma Abedin runs into the office and says…..“Hilary, Hilary guess what“? Hilary says, “What Huma” what happened. Huma says, “Tony proposed to me and I said yes“…Hilary replies, “Congratulations Huma, that’s wonderful but now you must resign“ Huma sighs, “But why Hilary why? “Huma, it’s a matter of the integrity of my office“ Hilary goes on by saying, “In the future we can‘t have anyone thinking anything negative on why you were hired”. Especially that Blogger guy Larry. He’s always looking for improprieties. The way American Politian’s are scrutinized these days with all the corruption and dishonesty, the people we work for will never understand. “We have to maintain the highest level of honesty and respect for the office, so the people will know we work for them and not for ourselves. It would be inappropriate for you to continue to work for me. I’m sorry Huma but that’s the way is“.

But as we all know that didn’t happen and Hilary’s public relations team has to work overtime hoping this doesn’t catch on, playing it down and keeping it out of the news…


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