"My Life in a Nutshell"

"In Between the Beginning and the End"

“If Creatures Could Talk”

Last night a bear cub was killed on one the highways here in Connecticut. The driver did not stop. Last week a mountain lion was killed. If I remember correctly that person did stop. I often see numerous deer and various creatures lying dead on the side of the road. I always wonder where everyone is going in such a rush? Do you have to go so fast that you can’t stop or miss a confused creature that is in the street. What if it was a little kid? Then it dawned on me that you are all very important and that if you arrive late Billions of dollars will be lost or no one will be available to make a major life saving decision. Let me suggest something…In 100 years no one will remember anything about you or care about anything you did. To most of you no one will remember next week who you were or what you did. To all others whose lives are not so important slow down, leave earlier and enjoy the scenery. Take my word for it. You are not that important and if you are not there no one will notice or care.



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