"My Life in a Nutshell"

"In Between the Beginning and the End"

“The Casey Anthony Trial ”

He was disorganized. He was grasping at straws but he had a point. He just doesn’t sound smart saying it. His presentation isn’t from Yale or Harvard. Its like too much information for him to handle. Maybe its just me but I doubt it. I kinda feel sorry for him. Like the little kid at bat with 2 outs, two strikes and the bases loaded against a great pitcher trying to hit a home run and win the game…I just described the lead defense attorney for Casey Anthony. Still, there are things missing like there is no father. It seems the victim, Calee had no father. No one ever mentioned a dad and no one came forward to claim responsibility. I’m surprised no one came forward. Not even to become famous. That leads me to believe he is dead. They implied Cindy, Casey’s mom did it by accident by leaving the pool ladder down and she drowned. After discovering the body, Casey’s dad hid the little girls body down the street in some woods. Interesting but they didn’t say too much about Casey not saying her daughter was missing for 31 days……The other Casey defense attorney said to the jury “Find her innocent because they, the prosecution didn’t prove she did it”. That doesn’t mean she didn’t do it. It just means they couldn’t prove she did. These days unless you actually see someone kill someone, lawyers will manipulate and twist words to the point where you don’t know who to believe. Especially if you are rich or want to become famous…  In any event, a beautiful little girl, 3 years old is dead. She was found 15 houses down the street from the Anthony house in some woods by a meter man going to the bathroom while waiting for his boss to pick him up. The decision to convict or acquit went to the jury today…


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