"My Life in a Nutshell"

"In Between the Beginning and the End"

“Favorite News Shows”

I really don’t watch local news except for the traffic and weather. I mute the rest because its all about finding the most shocking and disturbing things humans can do to each other for ratings. There are too many boring commercials of things I wouldn’t even consider purchasing. I guess the CBS evening news, the CBS show “60 Minutes”, CBS’s Sunday morning and NPR are my favorites and I try not to miss them. For me they are the most informative, helpful and real. There is even some good news at times where people can actually smile. The network morning shows are really infomercials selling real celebs and want-a-be celebs. This type of Media has turned into people standing on the sidewalk watching glorified news anchors. The worst being GMA with that smug older lady who has that “I’m better than you attitude” and a weather man who just happens to like having a bunch of screaming teenage girls around him. What’s up with that? The little lawyer guy with the long last name is OK. When I happen to have this on I see there are times when he seems uncomfortable being around that crew….


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