"My Life in a Nutshell"

"In Between the Beginning and the End"

“They All Took the Apple”

    Can you tell by listening to the news that everyone is really angry at greedy Millionaires and Billionaires? Check out the shaving cream incident in England on Murdoch. Think about this…He said “he wasn’t responsible for what his trusted employees did“….. Huh…Was CA responsible for what happened to her daughter? Wait, stop right there, I would rather start with our corrupt politicians in Washington. These days people are even more angry with them. The interesting part is they know people are angry and now they just don’t care….It all started about 100 years ago when a cop walking his beat went into a market in a busy city and the owner gave him an apple. Technically, that fine officer should have said “I’m sorry sir but I can’t accept gifts?”. Then the officer should have walked out the door…..Why, you ask? Its only an apple……Its simple! …The moment he took that apple he owed the grocer a favor! …..That is WTF is going on now! …..All of your trusted leaders in Washington owe somebody something!….No one can do anything without making a deal. Its all about special interest groups. Sound familiar? It even sounds shady. Like I’ll do this if you give me that. It will never end..Its always about paying somebody off..No one has said the people need this. The people want that… Having said all that, Now I will say and I feel very confident that all the politicians in Washington and the 50 States are corrupt. Including our President. Surprised?…..Why? They don’t care! Its just business as usual….deal, deals and more deals… They all take graft in one form or another. They all smell of dirty money and gifts of ill gotten gains. Find one that doesn’t lie. I dare you to find one, just one that hasn’t taken anything. Find just one that you can trust. You can’t, they don’t exist….Can you find one that you can actually understand what they are saying? Find just one that isn’t for himself. Find one that isn’t a Millionaire. Hey, try to find one that flies commercial…Find one that doesn’t have a limo and a driver. Find one that doesn’t have a life time pension and life time health care. These are the same bunch of thieves that are trying to screw up Social Security and Medicare. All around the world corruption has been made legal because of the manipulation of words and the laws that were made by these same corrupt men and woman. Cross the line over to Politics and its every man for himself. No wonder they run for office. C’mon, do you really think Linda will spend all those millions to be a Senator so she can help people? If you believe that I’ve got this great Corporate Jet to sell you…They would steal your soul if you don’t keep and eye on it…I dare you to find one of these fools that is for the people…I double dare you to find one that didn’t take that apple…..


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