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“Treasury Department” Just a date…




I was listening to NPR this morning on the way to the bike trail. Someone that was being interviewed, I did not catch the name…I just turned up the radio in the Mustang and was too busy trying to stay alive on Route 95 here in Connecticut, said that this so-called deadline date was something the “Treasury Department” said just to have a date to get things done…He said there is plenty of money and not to worry. The country is not going to go bankrupt and everyone will be paid as usual…I wasn’t born yesterday and knowing our leaders are a bunch of liars I choose to believe this is what is going to happen…I hope the discussion, lies and fighting between our insensitive greedy leaders goes on beyond the date just to see what a bunch of fools we have in Washington…Including our, not really mine but your president…. I’m glad he is not my responsibility That’s for sure.. They are like a bunch of teenagers…Its embarrassing…..


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