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"In Between the Beginning and the End"

“This Is a Disgrace”

8/8/2011…… I have been really patient for the past few days about not writing about our so-called leaders because of the frustration I feel or not writing about the weather we are having because of environmental changes. However now, I’m really angry! I can’t just sit here and not say anything! How could this happen? I realize my Military experience is not up to date and I wasn’t there but who was responsible for watching the perimeter (surrounding area) while the chopper was taking off or landing? They know very well that this aircraft is slow and hard to maneuver. Thirty one (31). Not 3, not 6, not 5 but 31 Special Forces and Navy Seals were Killed in that Chinook helicopter that was shot down by a shoulder fired RPG. The more I think about it, this is a disgrace! I would want a full investigation on how this could happen. Believe me! Heads would roll on this. The cowards that did this must be ecstatic and are celebrating this, “Piss hole in the snow victory”. Well, while they are at it, they ought to thank their Allah, Mohammad or whoever they thank because if I was in command there would be hell to pay for this. Do you think they can say Napalm or Carpet bombing in Arabic? I mean real hell in the form of a bombs that would kill thousands. It would kill not only all the terrorists now but all the future generations of terrorists.…I don’t know why we don’t eliminate the whole country? The most powerful Nation in the world is messing around with these primitives when if we really wanted to, we could make that whole country an afterthought. Why? Is someone going to say something bad about us….What’s the difference? They all hate us anyway. Lets give them something to really hate us about! This hunt and pick nonsense is taking too much time and we are losing too many good young men…If the United States is going to do something, lets do right.


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