"My Life in a Nutshell"

"In Between the Beginning and the End"

“Important Notice to the Reality Show Generation”

 After months of investigation I have discovered that Reality shows are not really real! They are all fake! Its all make believe! The people on these shows are acting or trying to act just like in the movies. That’s right, NOT real, fake, make-believe. Its also been discovered that the people on these shows are “Not Stars or Celebrities” they are just ordinary people like you and me only they have a video camera following them recording the things they do. We also found out that they do these things for money. Its because of this, they do outrageous, sometimes stupid things for the camera. Its OK for the, yes now you have been labeled the “Reality show generation” to watch them but don’t believe anything that happens on these shows. Normal people with principles and values wouldn’t humiliate themselves or participate in these kinds things. In a few years you won’t remember who these people are or what they did. Here is an example…..There was a so-called adventure reality show on TV a few years ago. I’ll bet you can’t think of the name of one person on that show except for the gay guy that went to prison for income tax evasion and I’ll bet you won’t remember that either. When its all said and done they will all have to get a real a job just like you and me and in these days good luck with that.


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