"My Life in a Nutshell"

"In Between the Beginning and the End"

“A Little Play On Words”

The way it is now with all this greed we are being conned, scammed and what I call “Over informationized” < (new word) It means bombarded with useless information from everywhere. Knowledge in the form of confusion that we will never use or even think about is now planted in our minds. We are being flooded with fast talking hypestirs < (another new word) from all over the world trying to trick us, convince us, sell to us or play to our sympathy’s for donations and money. They will even start rumors that will make us want to give, buy or confuse us enough so they can take our money…Each day, you will be hum drummed into listening to the countless commercials trying to convince you buy something you don’t need. From the expensive cell phones with the high monthly payments to computers, lottery tickets and clothes. Its been going on for years only now its worse than it ever was. Advertising agencies thrive on the millions of dollars you spend on things you really don‘t need or want. They will literally do anything to make you think you want and need things. They will use every dirty trick to convince you to look prettier, feel better, be stronger, slimmer, healthier and to be good to yourself. What they want is for you to spend that last nickel and max out your all your credit cards. All they want is your last dollar for their bottom line…Please, keep this in mind before you buy or spend any money. In the past if you had a good job and did it well you could be reasonably sure that you would have it for a long time. These days there are no guarantees and I don’t care who you are, you could lose your job tomorrow. Those charges you have on your credit cards will not go away. Interest will accumulate every day. Whether you have a job or not, you still have to pay for that. Mortgage payments, loans, health care, rent, car payments, federal and state taxes all still have to be paid…No matter what the government says or how they word it, gas is still $4 dollars a gallon with winter just around the corner. You mustn’t forget that you will get that really high heating bill. Miss one payment for anything and the constant phone calls, letters from creditors and lawyers will begin. They will take the car away.The police will come to evict you. The only guarantee is, that you will have thoughts of suicide….Save your money, don’t buy anything unless you absolutely need it. A good rule of thumb is, if you don’t have the money to pay cash, don’t buy it…You will survive and today that’s about all you can expect.


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