"My Life in a Nutshell"

"In Between the Beginning and the End"




 Today’s topic is food…There are three restaurants I go to here on the Connecticut shoreline. Of coarse my goal is to eat lightly, get the most for my money and never stuff myself with high calorie food. So it wasn’t easy to find one. For me these days its not the amount of food you get its the quality of the food. Like I said I live at the shoreline so we have our fair share of seafood restaurants. For the best dinner in the universe my favorite place is in Westbrook Conn. Its your classic, lets go out to dinner restaurant. The Sea Scallops are the best. I have never had better seafood. And that is saying something. The portions are large so I always look forward to taking some home for dinner the next day…In Niantic, my home town, for the greatest lunch it’s a family style deli downtown that serves the greatest half sandwiches and Lobster Bisque on this planet. I sit outside and watch the ocean while having lunch. The service is great and the girl that takes my order remembers my name…Kind of makes me feel like I belong…The third and last place is a local fast food restaurant …I know, I know don’t say it…Fast food? I don’t do this often but its good. Remember, its what you order, not how much. In these places I have a fresh salad and a small order of Chicken. I cut up the chicken and make a tossed Caesar salad and it works…That’s it for today and I didn’t say anything negative..…



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