"My Life in a Nutshell"

"In Between the Beginning and the End"

“A Grateful Crow”

 This is a true story……The other day as I was waiting for the light to change…..I glanced to my right and seen a Crow at the feet of a lady who was raking her lawn… That’s right a Crow. He was tapping at the rake with his beak and with his little feet was swishing the twigs and grass clippings around on the ground…I couldn’t resist. I pulled into her street and stopped. I asked the lady if that was a Crow? Silly question but at that moment I was astonished that a crow was helping her rake the lawn…Yes, she replied saying that her daughter saved the Crow when it was a baby and every once and a while, no kidding here, “comes back to help around the yard“..…I told her that I thought that was beautiful, I couldn’t think of anything else to say and I really thought it was beautiful..…Meanwhile I was watching them and reaching for my camera which fell behind the seat…She said, “her daughter nursed and fed the Crow when it was a baby after the mother crow disappeared leaving the baby on the ground“…It was too late for the camera now so I muttered “Beautiful” again and pulled over more to the side of the road to watch….The lady said, “Oh, he can be a pain sometimes but I don‘t mind“…Wow, I thought, I wish I had a friendly Crow that would help me sometimes…She continued raking and the Crow helping as I watched….She stooped and picked up the grass, twigs and debris, put in in a basket, then picking up the basket…She turned to me and said, “goodbye” and walked the 50 feet to her garage and went in.…Meanwhile, the Crow walked behind her towards the house and when she went in he started flying in circles around the yard, cawing like he was saying, I’ll be back later” He flew around the yard for a few seconds and left, disappearing into the woods…..I sat there for a minute, amazed thinking, now that is Gratitude. I think there is a lesson in there somewhere…


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