"My Life in a Nutshell"

"In Between the Beginning and the End"

“Jobs or Not”

It doesn’t take that many people to sell stuff? Does it? Did you ever notice that most jobs out there today are someone selling something to someone? A few years ago that was called being a salesperson. Now it seems we have a country full of sales people. A sales person a few years ago was someone who had that job part time while waiting to get a real job. Like….“Hey Dude, where do you work?” “Gas station man, till I go back to School! “Cool, good luck Dude.” Did you notice that today everybody is in a rush to go and sell someone something. I think about that when I am on the highway doing 70 MPH and they pass me out at 80 or 90 MPH…The other day I was talking to a girl working the counter in a fast food restaurant and she when she took my order, smiled and said to me, “For here or to go?” I said, to go. I’m going to the beach and eat while the weather is still nice. Wanna come with me? She replied, “OMG, I wish I could but my boss said if I take a day off for me not to come back…I’ve been working here for two years and I only called out once. I don’t know what’s wrong with him“…I said, Baby, think about this. This is fast food not IBM or Microsoft, do you really give a shit? When I left she was laughing hysterically…..Another thing is, people don’t look like they enjoy what they are doing. Its like they are grouchy, like they are saying I don’t get paid to smile…I went to the mall the other day and its like sales people descend on you like vultures. “Welcome to the store“…Thanks.. “Can I help you sir?” No….” Are you looking for something special?”… No…. I’m almost afraid to ask a question. You can tell it’s a fake nice and its not real…You can also tell the good actors from the bad actors…That staff meeting they had that morning to remind them to be nice and make money shines right through the fakeness. Towards the end of the day they lose their enthusiasm. I notice that the Deli guy in the Supermarket that slices the meat looks like a linebacker for the Dallas Cowboys or a laid off plant worker…Women who should be retired are cashiers in grocery stores. I know one that is in her 80s and one in their 70s…Its so sad to see this. I see a lot of young people just out of high school stocking shelves with the hundreds of thousands of products. What kind of future is in store for these kids. Its truly unbelievable. There are hundreds of Landscapers driving all over the place with their little trailers and lawn mowers…I mean, how many lawns are there to mow? OK, I know but are these jobs or just something to do until the right job comes along?


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