"My Life in a Nutshell"

"In Between the Beginning and the End"

“The New TV Season”

I watched a few new, old TV shows, on the internet of coarse. (no commercials) Lets start with “Two and half men“…I know this is only episode one and If this is any indication, I will say it won’t last long. Its stupid and not funny. “Big Bang Theory” Its fair, its half funny, half not. It went from a little sexual innuendo to not funny sexual innuendo. “The Office”? Mr. Spader is smart here. He is literally sitting back waiting to fit in letting the other cast members do the work…His masterful sarcastic attitude fit right in with this group of funny people. Its predicable…”Prime Suspect” I can only say Maria is my kind of girl…The cast does over act but its passable…“Glee” I lasted until that kid got the soda thrown in his face then I shut it off…From what I seen its still has bullies and ignorant teachers. Talent is good, show is setting a bad example. Its boring…”How I met your mother” starts by explaining to young kids how people met. I assume the narrator left out all the sex stuff when he talked to those kids. None of the sex material is funny. “Law and order SVU” is the same. I assume the crimes will get more gruesome to entice these kinds of people to watch…“Criminal minds“…Guess what? They brought back the brunette. I like her. Its Gruesome and you know this show will get bloodier if that’s at all possible.. “Parenthood” Sorry here…It could be good but what I’m seeing is a lot of people talking over each other. Its predictable and boring. “NCIS” They are keeping it more or less like it is. I like Tony and Ziva…….“Unforgettable” is worth the watch…I like the way she sets up the crime and solves the puzzle…. “New Girl” She is a talented young lady. I’ll watch it again if they keep the not funny sex stuff toned down. “Dexter, Bluebloods and Nikita” I’ll get to sooner or later.

Comment….I realize these are only TV shows. However I feel bad for parents who are trying to teach their kids morals and dignity. All these shows are R rated and not really for prime time…Supervision is advised here…. Unnecessary boring sexual overtones are used to draw viewers towards this negative behavior.


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