"My Life in a Nutshell"

"In Between the Beginning and the End"

“Windsor Locks Conn.”

 A while ago, I moved to the shoreline community of Niantic Connecticut after living in Windsor Locks most of my life. I made this move for many reasons but mainly because of the negative attitudes in Windsor Locks. Don’t get me wrong, I realize things take time to change but no one there is doing anything but talking….There was nothing to keep me there. All I heard was excuses and nonsense. Years ago I grew up on Main street and Grove street, later moving to So. Center street where I lived most of my life. I actually watched them tear down Main Street and the Rialto Theater with the wrecking ball. Marie talks about the trucks with their engines running, using the parking lot at Dexter plaza as a truck stop. This is true. They also parked next to the old railroad station spewing their poisonous diesel fumes during the long winter nights. I know this because I lived across the street. However, the most important reason I moved was not only the trucks but to get away from the loud obnoxious horns and roaring trains that went through town. I remember the hissing steam engines and cattle cars. The flat bed cars carrying Army tanks and bombs as they parked at the old freight depot. They were not as loud. The dumpy railroad station is another matter. The Historical society, whatever historical society that is? Reminder, Main street is gone, there is no history! Nothing has been preserved except the Memorial Hall. They have been collecting money for years and nothing has been done…I suggest, take a picture of that smelly old place, put up a plaque with a few dates on it like they did to the railroad station in Simsbury and tear it down….Believe me no one cares. Tear down those firetrap factories that have been vacant for years across that rancid canal and be done with it. The smell from those places is horrible. Someone make a decision! It seems like a lot of people are talking about this stuff but no one except Marie cares enough to do anything about it………..…L.J Ferrari


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