"My Life in a Nutshell"

"In Between the Beginning and the End"

“Your Kids Are a Reflection of You”

Is it me? Am I the only one that finds the new television season distasteful and unpleasant because of profanity and the use of words that are, to say the least clinical and not in the least bit funny. I don’t think using the words Penus or Vagina is funny. What is going on? Is this today’s morality? Is it shock value. Is it to provoke children into having sex? What is the reasoning behind this stupidity? Is it to get viewers to watch television so they will watch commercials? Is this the way people talk these days? Hey dude! My Penus is sore from having sex with your girlfriend….Huh,…Sweetie, I went to the doctor and he said the rash on my Vagina was because of your boyfriend. Did he give you a rash?…… Is that supposed to be funny? I can’t imagine my daughter asking me, Daddy what’s a Penus? Those are clinical words. No one really says that or do they?…I notice the profanity (swearing or cursing for those who don’t know what profanity is) has increased also. I think swearing on television is like swearing in mixed company. Most of those swear words are not funny or in the least bit descriptive. I knew a F-100 pilot who uttered the words, “Ah Shit” just before he ejected from his aircraft at 15,000 feet. Now that’s descriptive. Only certain kinds of people swear. The lower class or people that were brought up poor talk like that. The kids that have one parent have a tendency to talk like that. People with underlying anger or fear talk like that. People with minimal education talk like that. Using inappropriate language or cursing gives people around you the impression that you are not too bright. Or as I like to say, not the brightest bulb on the tree. Try going for a day without using profanity. Set a good example for your kids, they learn by example. They are a reflection of you. How many times have you seen a kid behaving badly and wonder where his parents were or who they are?….


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