"My Life in a Nutshell"

"In Between the Beginning and the End"

“Open the Facilities at City Hall”

On this protesting around the country and around the world ….Its clear to me that the people are upset and angry. Yet, its business as usual. Its like they are saying, “I wish these fools would stop so we could go on stealing as usual” The news, NBC, CBS, ABC should be on the scene with hourly reports like in Libya and Egypt. Its like they just don’t care! I guess they need more violence. Let bullets start flying. I’ll bet it would be more than a just “Matter of fact” thing then….Who owns the park in New York?How do you get to own a City park? Who do you pay to get a City park? What kind of rules do you have to bend to own a park? That’s strange and it doesn’t sound good at all? Needless to say I don‘t trust any of those Bastards… Worried about the health of the protesters? C’mon, city officials you can do better than that…Ban sleeping bags? Hey, Mayor who thought of that? You are beginning to look like a loser… I know what you can do if you are worried about the Health of the protesters. Open the men’s room and ladies rooms at the Wall street offices and City hall…


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