"My Life in a Nutshell"

"In Between the Beginning and the End"

“You Will Never Know”

I realize I haven’t been posting lately…Its because I haven’t feeling well. Its nothing physical. Well, almost nothing, I did pull a muscle in my right arm…I am not used to all that aggravation and pain…Mostly I just haven’t been myself. Its hard to explain. It’s a cross between, feeling sorry for myself, anger and not giving a rats ass about much of anything. Its about giving advice and control and wanting to fix the world…I had to stop watching TV news and focus on just NFL football and movies on the commercial free internet…I noticed that during the hurricane when we lost power a while ago. I did miss the news as far as the weather goes but now I think it’s the craziness of our society and people that is bothering me the most. No comment on that…I do allow myself three posts or less per day on Google Blogger http://tyler306.blogspot.com/ but that is mostly about corruption…I won’t allow myself to delve into other things….In personal news…I found myself in the position of dating a much younger woman….I know what you are thinking but I know what I am doing, so far…I’m talking “Much younger” like, “really she is too young for you Lar”, young. If you know what I mean…No, don’t ask….All and all, it’s the things that are happening here and around world that are bothering me the most…Please believe me, it was never like it is these days.. They try to convince you this is good but its not…Its really, really bad out there! ….Its, I wasn’t brought up this way, bad….…I feel sad for all the people that will suffer because of the decisions being made…The young kids and not so young kids of today will never ever know what life is really all about….


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