"My Life in a Nutshell"

"In Between the Beginning and the End"

“Its About Choices”

Am I supposed to care or just feel bad? Example….There is an earthquake in some obscure place in the world. Do they want money or American foreign aid is my first thought? The first thing that happens is people go on TV asking for donations from an already cash poor American public..…Yet you know that sooner or later a lot of those poor people will end up here in the United States on some kind of Federal aid or Welfare…Why can’t the countries around the world take care of themselves? Why can’t they take care of their own people? Are their leaders so corrupt that they steal all the money from their taxes including the aid we send them. They know, “Acts of God” will happen! Aren’t they prepared for this? Why do we have to interfere? Why do we have to pay? This isn’t 1776 anymore, It’s a whole other ballgame. Every once and a while lets say to these morons! Sorry dudes, you are going to have to handle this catastrophe all by yourself. Or you can call the Arabs, they have all the United States money you will ever need! Maybe they will feed your poor and homeless…Remember, Gas and heating oil is $4.00 a gallon here. I don’t see anybody caring very much about that except for the people trying suck more money from us……..A Millionaire race car driver crashes and dies…Care or not? He knew his life was on the line…It was his choice to go, now think about this! Going 225 MPH and guess what? Right, to make more money…Don’t shed too many tears.. Life is about choices!……That American guy swimming with Sharks in Australia dies, attacked and eaten by a Great White…Good for the Great white…That’s a classic example of someone with no brains swimming in shark invested water DUH….Now those revenge seekers and morons that are going Shark Hunting to kill the beautiful shark for doing what comes natural… Do I sound insensitive?…My God I hope so…That was my intention.…The Race car driver and shark man deserve what happened to them…… MJ’s Doctor was hired and was paid $150,000 a year by MJ just to give him intravenous drugs. Why? Because MJ had enough money to do that. He said, “He couldn’t sleep“….I say, maybe his wig was too tight…. Should I feel bad or care what happens to that drug dealer doctor or even care what happened to the IV drug addicted singer…Don’t you realize what happened, was inevitable? Choices remember? Anybody that uses drugs like that will die before his or her time…Like the guy swimming with Sharks….That is the most stupid thing I have ever seen…His Dad must be so proud of raising a perfect moron…My dad used to say “Lorenzo, be careful out there this is a dog eat dog world” That is so true….Your corrupt political leaders don’t care here in the United States! Its all about taking your money, anyway possible, anyway they can…Why should we care about what happens around the world. As it is now Americans are used and abused because we allow it to happen. The Occupy protesters are doing the right thing…Its all about the GREED….And the Corporate Bastards play it down, like the protesters are just nuisance.…Think about this! I mean really, really think! Say this out loud!…..FOUR DOLLARS a gallon for gas for your car. That is the biggest rip-off and scam in the world. All the while, that fool of a President just looks the other way…….I don’t know who in God’s name can go on paying for that, plus buy food, pay the rent make house payments and pay for heat. On top of all that raise a family. Its just like sheep going to slaughter…That’s the only way I can describe it! It is impossible, it will never get better…When we stand up for our rights we are told by the corrupt Politian’s and Lawyers and believe me, most of them are corrupt, to be nice and pay…Well, I promise you… I am not fooled by anything that is going on! Am I skeptical? You bet I am! Of everything…The crooks cannot fool me…I feel sad for those folks that choose to live like that but I will and it will be my pleasure to let go so I don’t feel bad and I will look the other way…Its about choices….

I realize I am using the word Bastard a lot lately and I apologize for that…


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