"My Life in a Nutshell"

"In Between the Beginning and the End"

“Just One of Those Days”

I went for a ride last Friday…First I went to my local library to pick up an Anita Shrive book on cassette I ordered. It was written in 1989. She is the best and I have read all her books…As I was leaving the library, I thought, now where I am going? Then I thought about a certain kind of candy I like at a certain chain store…Plus I had a 5 dollar coupon. As you know I don’t advertise so I won’t say the name of the store or the candy. So off I went heading in that direction. This is a story about how I let fate take me where it wanted me to go…I went to that store and they didn’t have what I wanted so I thought, what next?….I said, the hell with it and decided to go home…Here is where gets odd…Something happened and I thought, I think I’ll do just the opposite and go to a store of the same name, in another town near by. The car headed that way. I was steering but I was doing the opposite of what I wanted…It was an odd feeling, doing something that had no plan. It was like I was outside myself watching myself do this…In my mind I thought, go with it and let it happen just to see what happens next… I did and I ended up talking to the sales girl in the other store who told me that they don’t stock the candy anymore…I said why? You can’t keep the ben full, you keep selling out. I makes sense to double the order, just to have enough… She gave the typical salesgirl, duh, like I don’t know, I just work here shoulder shrug, and I left…I sat in the car and then it occurred to me not to give up. So against the way I was feeling I or I should say the car headed for the next closest store which is about 20 miles away…Off I went down through to bowels of Bank St. New London, across the Gold Star bridge to Groton Connecticut…I found the store I was looking for and of coarse they didn’t have what I wanted so I made a decision and bought my second and third favorite kind of candy. Total price with the 5 dollar coupon. .50 cents…I grinned and sales girl gave me a funny look. I know for sure that this sale cost them money… I left and walked to the other side of the parking lot where I usually park and sat in the car wondering where it was going to take me next.. It wasn’t long before it decided to take me to Mystic Connecticut. Remember the movie “Mystic Pizza“? That’s the one…Remember the scene with “Julia Roberts” standing on the that bridge? Well, they are working on that bridge now so don’t go there. Even during the week there is a lot of traffic…I managed to get across that famous bridge and the car headed to Stonington…Remember the movie with “George Clooney“, “The Perfect Storm”? Well the car went past that boat yard and took a left through the woods and I ended up at Mystic Aquarium. I don’t know why but I grabbed my camera and took a chilly walk around a nearly vacant Mystic Village….Later I had lunch at one of the tourist trap restaurants. I felt sorry for the cute young waitress with the nice smile so I left her a good tip…I just did the opposite of what I thought about. I only took two pictures of nothing. The empty streets of the village…I didn’t even go the Aquarium…Years ago I took kids there on field trips more than a few times and there is something about fish in a barrel I don’t like.. …It really felt like I was standing by looking at myself do things…I didn’t make mistakes and I knew what was happening, it was just where I found myself and I let it happen…It was one of those days….


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