"My Life in a Nutshell"

"In Between the Beginning and the End"

“Written on May 31, 2009”

They are killing America with economic terrorism. Do you remember when all we knew about the middle east was that Jesus was born there and Aladdin had a magic lamp and carpet? Think about that then read on..I seen a gas price yesterday of $2.68 dollars a gallon…This is not good. I won’t say too much here because it really pisses me off. It must be OK though because the Arabs say, “That our economy can stand it”. You would think they would wait until the American people get their confidence back but no they would rather keep us on pins and needles.They should know best, the Arabs are responsible for everything that is going on now. They did all this to us. I say its economic terrorism. They are going to ruin this country more than it already is….If you think it can’t get much worst just wait?…Its true, I believe greed is infectious and there is no cure.


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