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Book Review – “Living Dead Girl”

If you have ever listened to a book on CD do not miss, “Living Dead Girl” by Elizabeth Scott, read by Kate Reinders. The copy I listened to happens to be on they what they call a “Playaway”. Check your local library for these things if you don’t have a player. Its a small version of a tape player the library provides you with. All you have to do is put a triple A battery in and have ear buds. I just happened to find this story in that section of the library where these tiny players are. I had no idea who Author Elizabeth Scott was and I was looking for something interesting to read. I just happened to come across this gem by chance. Its important to mention that the reader is Kate Reinders. She is a 32 year old Broadway actress. This fictional story was expertly written by Elizabeth Scott. Its about a 10 year girl who was kidnapped and held captive for 5 years during which she was subjected to a painful, of what I call “Brainwashing” in which she is required to take care of this man. Ms. Reinders reads this story in the voice of that 10 year old girl. I have listened to 100’s of books on tape and CD’s and I honestly say that I have heard the best readers in the business. Ms. Reinders reading is astounding and alarmingly realistic.. I can only say it was like I was there and this ten year old girl was telling me her story face to face. I felt like I wanted to save this little girl but I couldn’t…You must read this story read by this young woman. You won’t regret it….



I didn’t know where to begin. So I thought I would write a little about everything. First, I always wonder why I am letting the things that are happening in this country and around the world bother me so much and I don’t even watch TV…Its like business as usual everywhere. Its never ending. How about the wars and the brave solders we have scattered in the most horrible places around the world? Not to mention it costing Billions of dollars a day. There are bombs going off in the streets all around the world killing hundreds. The crime and death locally are meaningless now like its too boring to report. A local drug overdose death doesn’t even make the news anymore. The drunken and drug addict entertainers and wanna-be celebrities will be noticed depending who they are. A minor actor or actress or “So Called Celebrity” will maybe get a line or two in the newspaper or on TV. Reminder, these people are only people who have had a momentary light shining on them. They are the same as us. The difference between us and them is you know their name because of a TV show or a movie…I could write about morals but now that is a subject that is almost taboo, in fact that word is almost non-existent…We all know the perverts in show business wouldn’t want all those young girls staying dressed modestly. Contrary to popular belief these young girls, if they are talented don’t have to wear skin tight jeans or show cleavage to sell their music. How about the thousands of commercials that are all lies, scams and false promises that take advantage of people that don’t know any better. Then of coarse there are web cams everywhere that spy on you. Keep in mind that everyone today has a cell phone or pocket computer with a camera on it. Then there is the issue of the National debt. The countless corrupt lawyer politicians in Washington that have changed the laws and are bending the rules everyday making it legal to steal your tax dollars. Then of coarse there is the stock market with all the insider trading they are getting away with..Then there is the economy with the outrageous gas prices and the suffering American citizens that are going to end up paying for all the insanity going on in this country and now around the world. So as the welfare rolls get bigger and bigger and the illegals keep pouring into this country collecting all that free money. I think of how fortunate I am to have been born here in America and had parents that taught me to respect other people and how to be honest. They stuck by my side and taught me by example how to deal with what is happening around me…The way it is now I feel like I am on a never ending “Merry-Go-Round” and I just don’t know where to get off…. Maybe that’s a good thing….

“Bar Code Amy”

I went to Wal Mart the other day to do some shopping and when I went to pay I met “Cashier Amy“… I said, “Hi Cashier Amy, how are you“ ? She replied with a cute smile, “I’m fine sir but I’m not a cashier….. I wondered why it said on her name tag “Hi my name is Amy” and right under that, the word Cashier written in black letters on a yellow background and she was working the cash register. So I asked her with my best social skills smile. I said, “Why does it say cashier on your name tag“. “Oh, sir I don’t work in the front anymore I work in the back and I just haven’t taken it off the thing yet.” She said, looking and pointing at the badge. “Oh, I said, “then how are they going to know what you do Amy?” “Are you going to have the bar code tattooed on your neck or on the inside of your arm? Wait a minute……. By now, you do probably realize I’m kidding, right. I am saying this to her and I am very serious and really trying not to smile…Meanwhile this kid is serious when she replies, “I’m not going to let them put any tattoos on me“, and in the next breath says, “Piercing I don’t mind but not tattoos“. I said, “You do know that sooner or later that’s going to happen, Wal Mart always wants to know where its employees are and what they are doing”. At this point I said, “Sooner or later they will tell you to do that“. Its either that or you won’t have a job. She seriously agreed but by now the line was getting longer. She said her obligatory, Have a nice day” and I left before I started laughing …..I believe that in the future this will happen…..I said it the other day, that there so many people in this country that we don’t know who are enemies are…The only solution is a neat little bar code or a GPS implant somewhere on your body…. They have them on dogs and cats, why not humans? It just makes sense…Cashier Amy wasn’t shocked and she actually thought I was serious. To her the idea was just one of those things that will happen sooner or later and acceptable……How do you know there isn’t some kind of locator on your body right now? A microscopic pin point that can hear and find you……Wait, there is and its called a cell phone…..Wait again, the reason the Government doesn’t care how many people there are in this country is…What’s the first thing they buy when they get to this country? A cell phone…Wow…. I could be on to something, hmmm.

“Mall Security, Waterford Conn.”

Yesterday I went to the Crystal mall in Waterford Connecticut, it was getting hot outside and while looking for a shady spot to park my car. I seen a mall security guard in the parking lot with his white security van. He was out of his van standing near someones car checking the car registration with a hand held scanner through their windshield. You know that little number behind the glass in front of the driver seat. Actually its a bar code that has all the information on that vehicle. including your name address and phone number. I know real police officers have those scanners..The scanner looks like the price checker at the supermarket..A security mall wannabe cop checking your personal information with a electronic scanner for I don’t know what. The car was legally parked..This is new to me…Its one thing for a real police officer or the motor vehicle department to do this but who and what gives the right to a shopping mall security guard to do something like this? Its none of his business who’s car that was…Years ago there was something called, “Invasion of privacy”. If there was something wrong or suspicious with that car he should be calling a real police officer to check it out…Be careful out there they are watching from everywhere…

“Girl Friends”

Did you know its easier for me to find a girl friend that it is for me to find guy friend? Why is that? Girls it seems, always have girl friends hanging around. Only sometimes guys have best friends but not like girls.. I mean, I am not going to dig too hard on this but I was just wondering about that.. I have a few guy friends but they are more like acquaintances and we are not really that close. We have a few things in common but we don’t do guy stuff. What ever that is. It could be me. Or not. Years ago I had close guy friends and we did everything together. From the really weird stuff to the nice and normal stuff we stuck together. As the years past we drifted apart and that was that. To be a little morbid here some have even died. I’ve had friends like some of my girlfriends boyfriends or husbands but that’s what we had in common. Did I write that right? I mean we had fun and did things all together but not as guys do…What can I say to a guy? Dude, wanna hang around together? I don’t freaking think so. I’m kidding but its true. I don’t know what I should do. I could become friends with another girl. Hey, do you want to be my friend? I don’t want anything I just want to be friends? I had a friend a while ago who was a girl and I didn’t want anything…We still are I think… Oh well, so much for that…..

“Fathers Day 2012”

As far back as I can remember my dad always wore a hat. He never wore it in a Church a restaurant or in the house like they do today but only to work and when he was outside. I remember him taking off his hat when he went into a building. I remember him tipping his hat to the ladies…He was a very respectful and courteous…  In the winter he wore a Navy pea-cap. It was around the time of World War two and I remember he said he was exempt from the Military. He told me, instead of the Military and because of our family, he called us “dependents” and at that time they only drafting single guys…So he worked in a place called the Springfield Armory in Massachusetts where they made guns for “World War Two“. He was a Machinist. … My uncle, my moms brother, his name was Frank He was in the Navy building and repairing airbases on those islands in the Pacific. He was in what they called the “Navy Seabees“. He told me he “drove a bulldozer”..I remember he gave my dad a Navy pea hat and a pea-coat for the winter. He gave me a clock that he said, “came out of a Navy plane that crashed”. They called it a, pea coat and pea hat because of the material it was made of. I often wondered what the “P” meant…In the summer my dad wore a baseball hat. He was a great baseball player. He played third base on the town baseball team. The name of the team was the “Kettle Brook Team”. It was named after a once popular fishing brook in our town. I think its a swamp now by the Congregational Church on Main St….The uniforms they wore were like the Yankee pin stripes but my dad was always a Red Sox fan. He got to see them win a World Series before he died. He was happy about that. My son Adam even put a Red Sox hat in his coffin. He really would have liked that. 
    I especially remember one summer afternoon many years ago when they were playing baseball at the local ballpark near St. Mary’s school in Windsor Locks Connecticut. Dad told me that the famous “Babe Ruth” and the Yankee baseball team visited the park while they were on some kind of tour. I remember one time at a game when I was standing near the fence with my fingers holding the fence and he came over and told me to never hold the fence like that because a foul ball might hit my fingers. I will never forget that. To this day I will never lace my fingers in a Chain link fence…..He always took care of me…He use to say to Mom to “Keep an eye on me” or “Watch over me” all the time. I was watching a game one afternoon when the batter hit a line drive, a hot grounder, a one bouncer to him at third base and he caught the ball and threw it from deep in the hole to first base and got the runner out…Everybody in the grandstand cheered. I didn’t know how important that was at the time but he was very excited when he explained it to me. His nick name was “Pap the Rooster”. All the players had nick names. From that moment on my Dad had the nick name “Pap”. No one ever called him Joe which was his real name. I have no idea what that means but I think, “Rooster” is a term for a baseball infielder. I was only a little kid and very young but I remember that. When he was older and done playing baseball he wore a golf hat. For years he played golf all summer long at the “Copper Hill Country Club” in East Granby with my uncles and his friends. In the winter he went bowling. First at Blanch’s lanes on Grove St. then at the “Villa Rose” on Spring St. in Windsor Locks on Tuesday and Thursday nights. I went with him because my Mom worked and I remember helping the owner of the bowling alley set up the pins. They said were “short handed”. I was called “the pin boy” and they paid me 6 cents a string…The bowling pins were called “Duck-Pins“. I remember the hat he had at the time with a bowling pin logo on it…On Sundays he wore a fedora to church like the one Humphrey Bogart wore in the movies. I have a picture of me and my Dad all dressed up for Church and we both had a fedora on. It looked like I was 6 or 7 years old. .
               Dad, I will always remember the things you taught me, the wonderful example you set and the priceless things you said to me. A day doesn’t go by when I don’t think of you and think, what would my Dad do in a situation this? It never fails I always make good choices when I do that.. It was an honor and a pleasure to take care of you and “Watch over you” in your last days like you took care of me.. I really miss you Dad… Happy Fathers Day…. I love you…..


This note is to anyone asking me to play a “Game on Facebook“! Thank you for asking but I don’t play online games. In the past computer games were fun and I have almost 5 million of those worthless tokens on Pogo. Now, all these game sites are used to gather personal information on you to sell to someone or to sell you something. I will not be a part of this nonsense. I have a Nintendo DS and I will go to a Game Stop store to buy and trade games in if I need any…Its very inexpensive and much more fun. I prefer to keep a low profile and the less these greedy bastards and morons know about me the better it is…I don’t watch TV programs or news and haven’t in four months (a new record) and as a result I don’t see any of the ads or commercials… Lately the Network internet pages are coming with pop-ups and talking ads…I don’t go to those sites anymore! I delete all the cookies on my computer 5 times a week. I will only buy what I need and only if I need it. To show me a commercial or ad is a waste of your money and my time…. If I do happen to see an ad I will go out of my way to tell people NOT to but the product. In fact I will tell people its bad just create doubt so they won‘t buy it…If something I have is broken or doesn’t work I will fix it rather than buy a new one…I could go on and on…I said all this before in past posts…Anyway, thank you for asking but no thank you I don’t play games.

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