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"In Between the Beginning and the End"

“Mall Security, Waterford Conn.”

Yesterday I went to the Crystal mall in Waterford Connecticut, it was getting hot outside and while looking for a shady spot to park my car. I seen a mall security guard in the parking lot with his white security van. He was out of his van standing near someones car checking the car registration with a hand held scanner through their windshield. You know that little number behind the glass in front of the driver seat. Actually its a bar code that has all the information on that vehicle. including your name address and phone number. I know real police officers have those scanners..The scanner looks like the price checker at the supermarket..A security mall wannabe cop checking your personal information with a electronic scanner for I don’t know what. The car was legally parked..This is new to me…Its one thing for a real police officer or the motor vehicle department to do this but who and what gives the right to a shopping mall security guard to do something like this? Its none of his business who’s car that was…Years ago there was something called, “Invasion of privacy”. If there was something wrong or suspicious with that car he should be calling a real police officer to check it out…Be careful out there they are watching from everywhere…


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