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Book Review – “Living Dead Girl”

If you have ever listened to a book on CD do not miss, “Living Dead Girl” by Elizabeth Scott, read by Kate Reinders. The copy I listened to happens to be on they what they call a “Playaway”. Check your local library for these things if you don’t have a player. Its a small version of a tape player the library provides you with. All you have to do is put a triple A battery in and have ear buds. I just happened to find this story in that section of the library where these tiny players are. I had no idea who Author Elizabeth Scott was and I was looking for something interesting to read. I just happened to come across this gem by chance. Its important to mention that the reader is Kate Reinders. She is a 32 year old Broadway actress. This fictional story was expertly written by Elizabeth Scott. Its about a 10 year girl who was kidnapped and held captive for 5 years during which she was subjected to a painful, of what I call “Brainwashing” in which she is required to take care of this man. Ms. Reinders reads this story in the voice of that 10 year old girl. I have listened to 100’s of books on tape and CD’s and I honestly say that I have heard the best readers in the business. Ms. Reinders reading is astounding and alarmingly realistic.. I can only say it was like I was there and this ten year old girl was telling me her story face to face. I felt like I wanted to save this little girl but I couldn’t…You must read this story read by this young woman. You won’t regret it….


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