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“Get Off the Cross, We Need the Wood”

Usually when I feel down in the dumps its because I am blaming people, places and things for the depression feeling. It feels like the poor me’s. I’m not depressed its just a feeling and it will pass. Its like a week of wonderful natural highs then the feeling of blah, blah, blah. I did cross that bridge on Rt. 95 ( pictured above ) going to Old Saybrook from Old Lyme Connecticut on my bike a few weeks ago and yes it was high and long but also very boring. I’d rather ride by the water and I liked the old bridge better. Its when I went under that bridge later when I came back and seen the belongings of a homeless person. That’s what really brought me back to reality and remind me to appreciate what I have..It seems like I always get these little messages to remind me. I just have to recognize what they are.. Which brings me to this subject……The longer I live here by the ocean I see more of this type of thing going on. I have seen men and woman, young and old, standing by the side of the road holding signs, saying they will work for food. I have seen more people hitch hiking around here then I have anywhere in years.
  Last night I went out with friends, well I don’t want say went out with friends, it was more hanging around with some guys and a few girls who happened to be where I was. Anyway, they were whining and complaining so much it got on my nerves. People, If you are doing what you are supposed to do and living by a few very basic, easy and simple rules. The things going on around you wouldn’t be bothering you so much…It could be the other things that you need to think about and work on. Take a long look yourself and what is going on around you. Nothing or no one can make you do anything if you don’t want to do it…If you do anything to hurt yourself its your fault…No one can be blamed…Its you that makes the ultimate decision. Sometimes there is no coming back from that disruption in the thinking process. The cost of repairing the damage could be life ending or you could be wandering around in this very uncomfortable world for a very long time. One of my more favorite sayings is, and I have a few is…“Get off the cross, we need the wood”. If you are going to do something negative by all means, “Please do it” or stop feeling sorry for yourself. You are in the same boat as the rest of us. The whole idea is to stay out of that shark infested water and believe me, today the water is not only shark infested, its polluted. The chances of returning to the fold later, these days, are slim to none.


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